As humus is formed

As humus is formed

Humus is favorable as fertilizer practically for any plants of garden and kitchen garden. It can be added to furrows, holes and holes when landing, to mix with the soil when redigging for enrichment with nutritious elements and improvement of its structure.

It is required to you

  • - manure of pets;
  • - peat;
  • - phosphate rock;
  • - site for navozokhranilishch;
  • - tools (pitchfork and shovel).


1. To receive humus, the manure used as laying in stalls of pets it is taken by means of pitchfork and it develops in stack in the open air. It is possible to put it just in manure heap, to water and in several months to receive the semi-rerotting manure which is quite suitable for fertilizer of garden and garden cultures. But in completely rerotting manure – humus, substances, useful to plants, are in digestible form. Therefore humus is considered the best fertilizer.

2. Formation of quality humus requires site in the open air. Optimum width of stack - 2 meters, height - 1-1.5 meters, is long any, depending on amount of manure. The stack of the manure extracted from stall is poured when laying layers peat. It is the best of all to put layer of manure of 20 centimeters and to pour peat layer 2 centimeters. Layers slightly condense that process of decomposition went more slowly and with higher quality. In the course of decomposition of manure from it a lot of nitrogen-containing liquid is emitted. To keep all nitrogen in future humus, manure is poured the moisture absorbing peat or the phosphate rock having the good absorbing properties.

3. The last top layer of manure is filled up with peat layer in 30 centimeters. It is possible to use dry straw, leaves or the dried-up grass for this purpose. It becomes that nitrogen did not disappear and the stack was not chilled in the winter. The received stack is left for pereprevaniye for a period of seven months. Depending on what type of manure is wanted to be received. Completely decayed manure – humus – is formed during from one to three years.

4. Humus — the last stage of processing of manure. Except the rerotting fecal masses and laying, it contains large number of the rotted-through vegetable remains. But all this is in it already in condition of homogeneous mass. In the course of pereprevaniye all organic matters accept friable consistence, humous weight gains saturated brown or dark brown, almost black color.

5. Many cultures, such as beet, carrots, potatoes, radish, do not demand annual introduction of humus. Under them in one year bring in the fall humus, and for the second year – in the spring mineral fertilizers. Other garden plants, especially cucumbers, squash, pepper, eggplants, tomatoes, cabbage, need also annual introduction of humus, and annual introduction of mineral fertilizers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team