As in the house to establish extract

As in the house to establish extract

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The extract belongs to special kind of air cleaners. Established in kitchen, it provides purity of air in all house. Effective productive work of this device depends not only on right choice, but also on observance of certain rules at its mounting.

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1. Choose the extract type which is the most suitable to your kitchen. Indoors with low ceilings it is better to establish the built-in or flat extract which can be hidden in the lower part of hinged cabinet. The device of dome type will perfectly fit into interior of the big kitchen, at such extract quite high performance.

2. Extracts can work in the mode of recirculation or removal of air. For work of the extract functioning in the branch mode, the exhaust outlet needs to be connected to the air shaft. The device with recirculation does not need such connection, but demands installation of charcoal filter. Mounting of such extract becomes simpler, but at the same time its performance decreases.

3. For connection of stretcher in kitchen it is necessary to install the separate electric socket which for the purpose of safety is desirable for grounding. It will allow to protect the control unit and the motor from burn-out at differences of tension. At modern extracts cords three-wire (zero, phase, grounding), trace that connection of wires has been made in strict accordance with the electric circuit.

4. Of course, it is reasonable to take care of the additional socket at repair stage. For this purpose in the right place in wall stroba (groove) for laying of wires in them are made. If the kitchen is already trimmed, lay wires in plastic box. Such cable channel fastens to wall and is located, generally from above over hinged cabinets. Decorative the cable channels, the deliveries of kitchen which are included in the package and combined with it on design are located on bottom of cabinets.

5. By means of the construction level and template mark the place for future arrangement of extract. Designate sites of fastening of dowels. It is considered optimum to make mounting of extract after installation of complete kitchen. If in kitchen the electric stove, distance to it from extract there should not be less than 0.7 m if gas – not less than 0.8 m.

6. Drill in opening wall for dowels. Bolts attach to wall of support and establish on them extract without casing. It is important that she settled down strictly horizontally. Level position of the device by means of adjusting bolts.

7. Take set of ventilating boxes or crepe paper and by means of them connect extract to the mine. The air duct should not be too curved in order to avoid decline in production. Do not narrow it and avoid formation of sharp bends.

8. Bends of the flexible corrugated channel strengthen noise when the extract works therefore the air duct is more preferable to use smooth PVC. Carry out all joints hermetically. Pay attention to air duct section: it has to correspond to extract conclusion opening.

9. When mounting of design is complete, connect extract to network and make trial start. Then establish casing, having adjusted it on height.

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