As it is beautiful to issue shady corner in garden

As it is beautiful to issue shady corner in garden

In any garden there will be shaded site where the sun looks quite seldom. But also this place wants to be decorated in a special way. For this purpose it is necessary to pick up the corresponding ornamental plants which are easily transferring shadow or half-shade.

Before planting plants in shady corner of garden, it is necessary to pave well the way on this site. At first delete all weeds, and then dig over the earth. To improve structure of the soil and also to increase its fertility, it is possible to bring humus, well rerotting manure and vermiculite. 

Choosing saplings for the shady site, it is necessary to know accurately what of plants well will grow here, some of them just do not transfer even easy half-shade at all. Hosts, ferns, geykher, rodzhersiya, astilba and many others belong to shade-loving plants. Except grassy plants, in shady corner of garden it is possible to plant both bushes, and lianas, and coniferous plants. It will be fine to look in such town aktinidiya. It perfectly transfers frosts to minus 40 degrees and does not demand the shelter for the winter. On tips of its leaves there are white-pink spots, and such combination of flowers not only will be well in harmony with other plants, but also the place will seem is slightly lighter. 

Choosing host for the garden, it must be kept in mind that some grades, for example, blue hosts, do not transfer the slightest hit of the sun to leaves. On the wax raid dark stains are formed, and the species of plant spoils. If you buy several types host, it is better not to land number of plant with leaves in white and yellow strip. Between them it is recommended to plant plants with monophonic green leaves. Getting geykher for the shaded site of garden, it is desirable to buy grades with light leaves. Such plants will make shady corner lighter. If it is going to plant in shadow coniferous plants, it is important to know that plants with yellow or blue needles will become normal green here. For such plants the sunlight therefore for shady corner it is better to buy saplings with green needles is surely necessary. 

When the way is paved to landing of saplings, and plants are bought, at first it is recommended to place them in containers on this site to look whether they are well combined in uniform composition. Always it is possible to correct situation to the best, having traded places only several plants.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team