As it is beautiful to seat flowers in kitchen garden

As it is beautiful to seat flowers in kitchen garden

Flowers on the seasonal dacha create cosiness and harmony, giving to all territory unique lines. Some owners of seasonal dachas devote to the interest in floriculture all free time, trying to seat flowers on kitchen garden beautifully and harmoniously.

The average citizen, getting the seasonal dacha near the city, most often expects that he on it will grow up vegetables and fruit, receiving thus harvest of the eco-friendly products making excellent increase to table. But more often giving is used for active and good rest after intense labor week. Here come to spend time with family and loyal friends behind shish kebab stick, to descend on fishing or just to take a walk on vicinities, enjoying communication with the nature. Some owners of seasonal dachas devote "country" time to the interest in landscaping, grow up flowers.

Flowers in landscaping of garden

Flowers on the seasonal dacha grow up everything. And the most interesting — them can be seated so that the garden or kitchen garden has gained unique lines, became unlike sites of neighbors in holiday village. It is only represented business difficult with which only the professional landscape designer can cope. Moreover, the landscaping designed and executed by the hands often bears the impress of the identity of the owner, tells about its inner world even more, than he is ready to tell about himself.

In creation of unique landscaping of the garden site flowers possess the major role, both decorative, and purely practical — for allocation of certain zones and areas. Borders from flowers make out garden paths, them it is possible to separate barbecue zone from the place for lonely reflections. Well, and in general it is difficult to imagine artificial decorative reservoir without flowers.

Flowers in kitchen garden: let's make it beautifully

Sometimes believe that flowers in kitchen garden — no more, than the odd fellow's whim. In other words, the excess which does not have practical benefits. The kitchen garden, according to widespread opinion, is intended only for business — care for beds with carrots and onions with the purpose to receive rich harvest, not very well, for itself or for sale. But it is much more pleasant if on kitchen garden there is something beautiful, attracting look. Something, as fine flowers. Flowers on the site — as a hobby. For this reason many summer residents potter with them not less, and even it is more, than with squash and cucumbers, trying that flowers made harmony with the house and with all other elements of registration of the site. And for this purpose it is necessary to watch that flower compositions were carefully thought over and were located where they will be to the place, that is in recreation area, near artificial pond, near the house or gazebo in the Persian or colonial style. Flowers at the dacha are appropriate always. It is only necessary to place them so that them it was visible from the street, from window that it was possible to admire them from terrace or from gazebo. That it was possible to communicate with them at any time — when only there is desire. These bright fine creations of the nature bring what in it so is not enough — harmony in our stormy and chaotic life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team