As it is better to apply foundation

As it is better to apply foundation

is means for make-up which helps to hide small shortcomings, to improve complexion and to protect skin from the natural phenomena. Moisture, fat, powder and pigments and also the nutritious, medical and protecting skin from ultraviolet substances are part of tone means. Correctly picked up and applied foundation is capable to disguise heat-spots, spots, reddenings, etc.


  1. Before putting tone means, moisturize the skin day cream, leave it for 5-10 minutes that it could be absorbed, and blot skin with tissue for removal surplus of cream.
  2. Then apply with slight circular motions foundation from the center of the person to edges, otherwise you can not hide, and on the contrary - to accent time and small wrinkles.
  3. Depending on consistence of tone means to put it it is possible fingers or sponge. In the first case squeeze out a little funds for palm and accurately hammer into skin in the small portions by means of finger-tips. Then finely porous sponge carefully press cream, removing superfluous and doing tone to more uniform. When putting foundation sponge, before application slightly moisten it with water, and after use rinse with warm water and dry.
  4. To give to the face of bigger naturalness, never put cream on it large portions. Put means with small small peas on all surface of face skin. For giving of beautiful equal tone and healthy gloss mix tone means and the moisturizing liquid cream in equal proportions and put the received mix on face by means of damp sponge.
  5. If you have correctly picked up foundation shade, do not apply it also on neck. The main thing - well shade border. Pay special attention also to the line of growth of hair where the tone needs to be shaded carefully too.
  6. Do not forget that the natural shade of skin can change. If, for example, in any day your skin is more pale, than usually, foundation can be too dark. To create suitable tone, mix it or with white foundation, or with usual moistening.
  7. For giving to the person of the fresh and shining color use flickering tone means which contains the optical pigments scattering light.
  8. Before going to bed surely wash away tone means, and after face cleansing apply nutritious cream.
  9. Upon purchase of foundation consider that it will not be able considerably to change complexion but only will only level it and will make more beautiful and harmonious. To check color, apply small amount of means on cheek or chin and wait about 10 minutes. It is necessary as practically all foundations during this time darken a little and consequently will look in a different way, than when drawing. Give preference to shade which after 10 minutes will correspond as much as possible to your natural tone of skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team