As it is better to put bed

As it is better to put bed

The question of how it is better to put bed, can arise at the person not only at initial arrangement of the bedroom, but also at its subsequent use. If you are tormented by insomnia and constant fatigue if you feel that you do not receive due rest from dream at all, urgently rearrange the bed on other place. Your health in many respects depends on arrangement of this main element of interior of the bedroom.

1. The most favorable arrangement of bed in the room, capable to present you feeling of safety and tranquility, – on diagonal to door. Having put it thus, you will see all who come or look to the bedroom.

2. If the bed is intended for two people, provide free access to berth for each of them. If it is intended only for one person, put it so that one of sides adjoined to wall. Corner between window and door – also pretty good location of bed in the bedroom. And here to put it about the wall adjacent to toilet, is not necessary.

3. Put bed opposite to beautiful picture or, for example, the family photo that waking up, to see before itself thing pleasant to look.

4. Have no berth under massive chandelier or hinged cabinet. These objects can cause in you feeling of concern and seem potential threat to your health. And it can lead to insomnia. The space over bed has to be free.

5. Harmful radiation from the TV or the computer can also negatively affect dream and your general state. Therefore arrange bed at distance not less than 3-5 from these devices. Same concerns also electric sockets. The distance between them and bed should not be less than one and a half meters.

6. Trace that sharp angles of the furniture which is in the bedroom have not been directed towards bed.

7. Refuse arrangement of bed opposite to mirror or cabinet with mirror doors. All negative energy which is saved up by you in day will be reflected in it and to come back to you. And the dream is necessary for the person to get off bad mind and to have a rest.

8. Do not put bed foot to door. Such its placement is called "the provision of death", thus from the room take out the dead man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team