As it is better to warm windows

As it is better to warm windows

Old window frames have slots through which heat leaves houses and apartments. Not to suffer from drafts and not to overpay for heating, it is necessary to warm windows. It is necessary to stick frames in dry not freezing weather.

It is required to you

  • - modern sealants from silicone or PVC.


1. Strips of sealant can be made independently, having cut foam rubber. But it is better to buy ready as it equal on all length also can have glue strip for warming process simplification. Stick slots in frame with painting adhesive tape, he easily acts in the spring and does not leave glue marks.

2. But modern silicone sealants after all it is better, than foam rubber strips. They keep elasticity within several seasons at big temperature drop. Producers promise life cycle of such sealants – 15-20 years. Silicone does not avoid damp and the sun, the product from it is capable to close slots from 2 to 15 mm.

3. That silicone sealants well did the work, it is necessary to establish them correctly. For this purpose in frame mill or chisel make equal groove 3 mm wide and 5 mm in depth. Remove garbage and dust with vacuum cleaner tube. Take silicone profile and insert it into grooves. Put it on silicone sealant or fix by brackets of the furniture stapler.

4. Tubular profiles or sealing gaskets do different in form depending on width of the available slot. The letter P, D on cut of sealant says that the product is suitable for work with big slots, E – with small.

5. Advantages of modern sealants are obvious: they are imperceptible, do not demand additional glueings by adhesive tape, the window can be opened and closed without damage of tightness. Make them of foam rubber, penopolietilen, polyurethane, PVC and rubber.

6. It is better to take heater from PVC, this material is frost-resistant, does not crumble, is not deformed. Read information on properties of specific product on packing. In the same place look also at effective life if it has expired, sealant will badly be pasted or will fall off soon.

7. There are also special splats from stainless steel which serve business of consolidation of window frames too. They are attached special cadmium-plated carnations.

8. Examine glass in search of cracks, even the small defect will cause notable heatlosses. If crack small, cover it with colourless lacquer for nails. It will not wash off and will not be allocated against the background of window.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team