As it is correct to apply barmy fertilizing to plants

As it is correct to apply barmy fertilizing to plants

Summer residents actively use baking yeast when fertilizing various plants. Yeast is, undoubtedly, very effective and high-speed force for plants. What it is necessary to know about yeast and as it is correct to apply them?

Yeast belongs to group of monocelled mushrooms which in the nature more than one thousand types. Yeast lives where there are sugary substances.

Applying baking yeast, it is necessary to know:

- The barmy mycelium is active only in the heated-up soil. At low temperatures the use of barmy solutions is senseless as the mycelium practically perishes.

- Yeast will bring significant effect only in the presence in the soil of organic chemistry. Barmy fungi participate in decomposition of organic chemistry and improve soil microflora that in turn affects immunity of plants. It is useful to add to herb infusions and yeast.

- Barmy distiller's beer cannot be stored long. It is better to use freshly cooked solution.

- For activation of growth of barmy mycelium it is possible to add not only sugar, but also any old jam, compotes, treacle to water.

- The barmy mycelium absorbs large amount of calcium and potassium. That is why it is necessary to add ashes or fertilizer to barmy solutions potassium sulfate (without chlorine).

 - Yeast is not fertilizer, and stimulator of growth processes, especially korneobrazovaniye. Yeast makes active microorganisms in the soil and participates in processes of mineralization of organic matters, emitting at the same time a lot of nitrogen and phosphorus. It is the best of all to apply barmy solutions in the period of survival of plants, the beginning of growth, before mass blossoming.

It is possible to bring in the soil barmy distiller's beer under all plants. Most love its thermophilic cultures: cucumbers, squash and all pumpkin, pepper, tomatoes, eggplants. Carrots, cabbage, beet at the beginning of the growth too well react to fermentation. When using yeast when watering petunias, asters, marigold, tsinniya flowers become just smart.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team