As it is correct to apply eye shadow

As it is correct to apply eye shadow

is found out that the main detail of appearance to which in the course of communication your interlocutor pays attention most often are eyes. They fix eye, even when the person considers someone's portrait. First of all the viewer tries to consider eyes of the one who is represented on portrait, and then comes back to them still repeatedly. Women, perfectly knowing it, use shadows to correct eye shape, to increase them and to make look more expressive.

It is required to you

  • - liquid foundation;
  • - eye shadow;
  • - brushes;
  • - applicators;
  • - planimetric pencil.


  1. To achieve that effect which is necessary to you, should be caused correctly to eye shadow, using the recommendations of stylists and considering that liquid, cream and usual dry shadows have not only different texture, but also different properties. We advise those who only has begun to comprehend secrets of beauty and drawing make-up to use traditional dry shadows, they are considered as easier in application.
  2. Before drawing make-up it is necessary to purify skin – to wash and wipe face with tonic or lotion. Sit down so that lighting was intensive and uniform. Prepare mirror and brushes with which you will put shadows. If there are no special brushes, use applicators which are enclosed in boxes with shadows or are on sale separately.
  3. Apply small amount of tone cream basis to eyelid skin. Evenly distribute it the thin layer not different from the general tone of face skin. Slightly powder eyelids that the basis did not roll down and did not accumulate pleated eyelid skins. As basis on all area from the line of growth of eyelashes on upper eyelid to eyebrows it is possible to apply wide brush thin film of light shadows of corporal color.
  4. Divide this zone visually into several parts: contour along the line of growth of eyelashes, lower eyelid, area under eyebrows and fold of century at external corner of eye. You can use any of tone, but the general principle is as follows: the lightest, almost corporal tone is caused on area under eyebrow, the tone of average intensity is caused on eyelid, the contour is circled with eyeliner or special pencil, the most dark tone is caused on fold of century. It is natural that all transitions of shadows need to be shaded carefully by means of the applicator.
  5. On the areas adjacent to external corner of eye, you put shadows of more dark tones, than those which shade internal corner of eye. The lower eyelid is enough to be emphasized with planimetric pencil through growth of eyelashes and to apply thin strip of shadows on external corner, having shaded it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team