As it is correct to apply ink on eyelashes

As it is correct to apply ink on eyelashes

make up eyelashes, but not at all it turns out beautifully and accurately. Several councils, using which, can be learned how to paint with ink of eyelash it is correct.

The technician of coloring exists a little. At everyone the way how to make up eyelashes with ink. One is enough to be waved few times brush, others carefully apply ink from the basis to tips of eyelashes. All these ways have the right to life, but there are several specific recommendations, applying which, it is possible to achieve the best result.

What effect would not be required, (the volume, length, curvature), ink needs to be chosen carefully. The main condition to which good ink – its safety has to answer. Therefore before buying this terrible weapon for targeting of beauty, it is necessary to study structure attentively. The less heavy connections, the better. Extracts of herbs and vitamins have to be in composition of mascara.

Before coloring it is necessary to be convinced that on centuries and eyelashes there are no traces of make-up and fat film. It is possible to process these sites special milk and to wipe carefully with napkin, without stretching skin.

How to paint with eyelash ink? Some stylists advise a little to powder eyelashes before to paint them. In such recommendation there is certain sense. It allows ink to keep longer on eyelashes and not to be showered, besides saves from need to paint over cilia in two layers.

In the beginning it is necessary to paint over the lower eyelashes. The brush at the same time keeps vertically. You should not apply ink with dense layer, it can add vulgarity to all image. It is enough to carry out few times on eyelashes, and they will become accurate.

Then ink is applied on upper eyelashes. It becomes from roots to the tips not to soil eyelid. The brush keeps horizontally. If paint has got on skin, it is convenient to use Q-tip or disk to remove pollution. Eyelashes look more beautiful when remind fan form. That to achieve it, it is necessary to know how it is correct to make up eyelashes with ink: in the direction from internal corner of eye to external. At the same time it is necessary to remember that the longest eyelashes are at external corner of century, and short – at internal. By means of eyeliner or thinly zachinenny pencil it is possible to draw several accurate strokes from external corner of eye up by century and to shade slightly. This reception will allow to extend visually eyelashes and to make eyes more coquettish.

If there is desire to put one more layer of ink, then it needs to be done until the first not absolutely has still dried, otherwise ink will pour, and eyelashes will ugly look. After coloring of eyelash it is necessary to comb brush, they will become more accurate and accurater.

In the evening ink surely has to be washed away, otherwise, having got at night on mucous membrane of eyes, it can cause irritation. And eyelashes under cargo of paint will gradually weaken and break. Therefore it is so important to carry out all useful tips of professionals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team