As it is correct to apply liquid wall-paper on walls

As it is correct to apply liquid wall-paper on walls

The sticker of wall-paper is rather labor-intensive process demanding a lot of time and forces for this reason many prefer to use liquid wall-paper for decoration of the walls. This finishing material, at first sight, looks as paint with impregnations, however after drying liquid wall-paper forms the beautiful layer on walls reminding fabric covering.

Liquid wall-paper has set of indisputable advantages: they are convenient in drawing, differ good zvuko- and thermal insulation and also ecological purity and that is important, they perfectly look in interior.

Drawing liquid wall-paper on walls

If you do not know yet how it is correct to glue liquid wall-paper, then it is better to follow strictly the instruction which usually is available on packing of goods.

At first it is necessary to prepare walls. For this purpose the surface of walls is usually puttied and processed by primer. Soil is imposed by two layers. It is necessary to wait so far the first layer of primer will dry and only after that it is possible to put the second. To provide the best coupling, the first layer needs to be put in the horizontal direction, and the second - in vertical. It is better to use special soil which is intended for preparation of walls for drawing liquid wall-paper.

After walls are ready to pokleyka, it is necessary to prepare mix. Usually liquid wall-paper is packed in packages and represents dry powder though some producers release this finishing material already in look, ready to drawing. By means of the instruction on packing you will easily prepare mix.

The package of liquid wall-paper needs to be used at once, without leaving powder in packing as having stood in open form it will absorb moisture and will be unsuitable to further use. Dissolve mix and allow it to infuse within 8 hours.

For drawing liquid wall-paper one wall best to use the plastic palette. The layer of mix has to be no more than one centimeter. If the prepared weight has turned out very dense, then it is possible to add a little water then the structure needs to be stirred well.

In order that on walls there were no seams and ugly differences, it is necessary to apply mix at once, moving from corner to corner.

How to apply liquid wall-paper on gypsum cardboard

Many of those who have started repair, the question of whether it is possible to glue liquid wall-paper on gypsum cardboard interests.

Gypsum cardboard perfectly is suitable for drawing liquid wall-paper, however, it demands special preparation. In the beginning it is necessary to close up all joints and seams. Hats of self-tapping screws or screws which usually fix gypsum cardboard need to be painted and proshpaklevat. After that the walls sheathed by gypsum cardboard prepare for drawing liquid wall-paper (ground) also as well as the normal plastered surface.

Micropores which are available in gypsum cardboard completely are filled with primer, respectively, the liquid wall-paper applied on surface will not get in structure of material. If not to progruntovat gypsum cardboard,  on wall-paper there can shortly be spots.

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