As it is correct to choose and apply blush

As it is correct to choose and apply blush

means of blush it is possible to give to skin healthy and fresh look, they help to correct shape of face therefore are important detail of make-up. To achieve excellent result, it is necessary to know how to choose blush as to apply them, considering color and texture.

First of all it is necessary to decide on type of blush: 1) Powdery blush – friable and dry, is used together with compact or friable powder. It is necessary to apply such blush over powder with wide soft brush. Good option for porous and oily skin.

2) Blush balls – one of types of dry blush which is produced in the form of balls of several color shades. The suitable tone for any skin can be picked up, using combination of flowers.

3) Cream blush. Have creamy consistence at the expense of vegetable oils in basis. Such blush perfectly is suitable for dry skin. It is necessary to apply cream blush with sponge or fingertips. 4) Helium blush. It is the liquid blush differing in firmness. Apply them with fingers or sponge, and finish make-up powder. Choosing blush, it is necessary to be guided by complexion and hair. Blondes with gentle complexion have to choose light-beige or light pink shades. Beige-pink, dark pink and beige-brown blush will be suitable for brunettes and brown-haired women with swarty or suntanned skin. And the most universal shade all-type skin is peach. That the make-up looked naturally, it is necessary to pay attention and to color of lipstick. Pink lipstick demands blush of the same shade. Bronze blush, for red – red will be suitable for brown lipstick, and for coral lipstick peach blush will become fine addition. Blush is capable to correct shape of face therefore it is necessary to apply them correctly. If there is a wish to narrow visually round face, having emphasized cheekbones, it is necessary to pull in cheekbones – it will help to define their most hollow part on which and it is necessary to apply blush. For softening of square face blush needs to be applied on cheekbones, having shaded in the form of triangle edge to temples. Putting blush obliquely will help to narrow wide face. Horizontal imposing of blush will help to expand face visually. At any shape of face it is necessary to remember that blush always needs to be shaded carefully that they looked naturally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team