As it is correct to choose rose for landing

As it is correct to choose rose for landing

Each flower grower, be he professional or just the fan, dreams that on its site there was fine flower bed with roses. But not each fan can distinguish upon purchase of saplings of roses good, viable from weak.

Today in the world there are more than 30,000 types of roses. Besides, annually selectors remove at least 1000 new types. It is quite difficult to understand such variety even to the experienced flower grower, and to the beginner especially. It is not enough to know features of growth and the rule of care for any given grade of roses, important also to choose qualitative saplings for landing.

How to choose grade and where to buy rose saplings

Before giving preference to specific species of roses, it is necessary to study catalogs, the recommendations of experienced flower growers. The grade and kind of these great colors have to correspond, first of all, to weather conditions of the region and features of the soil. The fact is that some types need abundant sunlight and the long warm period for their active growth and abundant blossoming, and some perfectly feel also in northern regions.

After the grade has been defined, it is possible to start search of saplings. It is the best of all to buy planting stock of roses in specialized shop where it is possible to address for council and the help the qualified specialists flower growers.

Besides, saplings come to such outlets from rozovodchesky farms where they undergo all necessary procedures of inoculation, as a rule, to dogrose bushes, and processing by the means protecting them from wreckers and diseases.

What to pay attention upon purchase of saplings of roses to

But also in specialized shop it is possible to buy low-quality planting stock if not to know the basic rules of its choice. Saplings of flowers are on sale with opening root system or in special mini-containers from plastic or the sacks from polyethylene film filled to pochvosmesye. For disembarkation during the autumn or spring period it is better to buy saplings with open roots. Upon purchase it is necessary to examine attentively stalks and roots of plant, on them there should not be damages and the dried-up sites, rotting traces. If roots are in pochvosmes, then it has to be friable, on its surface there should not be traces of mold, insects or signs of their availability, odourless rotten leaves and roots. If almost created pink bush is bought, then it is necessary to examine carefully branches and leaves of plants regarding signs of rotting and infections with diseases, or wreckers.

Rules of planting of saplings of rose in soil

Roses are quite unpretentious in respect of the choice of the soil. The majority of grades perfectly feel in pochvosmes from sand, compost and peat. The main rule – the soil has to be air-permeable that roots did not begin to rot because of excess of moisture in it. For pink bushes choose solar or semi-shady places, but not near large trees or bushes. The site has to be well aired as the congestion of drops of moisture from dew or rain on leaves of plant can lead to their rotting and considerably will reduce the period of abundant blossoming.

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