As it is correct to choose shovel

As it is correct to choose shovel

Shovel – one of the main tools of the gardener-gardener. Without it it is impossible neither to plant plants, nor to dig out them. Correctly chosen shovel is capable not only to facilitate work and to turn it into true pleasure, but also to save precious time.


1. If the sizes of your garden site do not allow to keep on it large number of tools, give preference to spade. It is the generalpurpose tool intended for performance practically of all works on garden and kitchen garden. The spade is useful to you for landing, change and excavation of plants, for digging of ditches, trimming of edges and many other.

2. Choose form of edge of the tool according to quality of the soil on your site. For digging-up of soft soil the spade with rectangular edge best of all will be suitable, and for development of virgin soil – with roundish.

3. The huge value has also material of which the edge is made. Shovels from steel are the most demanded and cheap. It is very easy to check their quality. For this purpose just knock on edge. If you hear ringing sound, the strong and reliable tool means at you in hands.

4. For work on the started and grassed sites it is better to use shovel from the facilitated composite material with edge from stainless steel, one of the parties of which reminds saw. Such tool and for digging-up of sites with heavy clay soil is useful. Stainless steel is reliable in use and does not avoid damp at all.

5. "American shovel" enjoys wide popularity at modern summer residents. Its curved edge allows to work with teflon covering without bending down. And the shank made of eucalyptus interferes with sliding of hands. Such shovel and the fact that to the edge covered with teflon the damp earth does not stick is good.

6. The main advantages of shovel from the titan – ease and durability. This tool does not give in to corrosion, does not rust, and on the firmness exceeds stock from stainless steel. To distinguish the real titanic shovel from fake very easily. For this purpose carry out on edge of the tool by some metal subject. If on shovel there were scratches and jags – before you fake.

7. When choosing shovel pay special attention to way of fastening of its edge to shank. The best option is bolts or metal ring delay. If fastening is absent absolutely – the shovel will serve to you not for long.

8. The shovel chosen by you has to correspond to your growth, i.e. to be 10 cm lower than shoulder, your fingers have to clasp tool shank freely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team