As it is correct to connect el. engine

As it is correct to connect el. engine

On production the connection of electric motors or directly is applied to three-phase network, or by means of the frequency converter. In house conditions it is also more reasonable to use PCh. But its cost is quite high therefore the condenser scheme appears still the most widespread.

Electric motors not only on production, but also in household are used. Circular saws, mills, extracts, various sharpening machines. If collector engines cannot be connected as it is difficult to be mistaken, only two conclusions are available, then asynchronous engines need to be connected strictly according to the scheme.

For this purpose it is necessary to pay attention to label which is on the engine case. Conclusions of windings or all are brought (on the terminal there are six wires which are going out of the engine), or inside already windings are connected in star, and to terminals there are only three wires. It is necessary only to guess phases that the anchor in the necessary party rotated.

Connection to three-phase network

If frequency converters are not used, then it is necessary to connect windings in star. In case terminals whole, it is necessary to connect conclusions of C4, C5 and C6 crossing points. And on conclusions of C1, C2 and C3 to give power supply. If there are no terminals, then it is necessary to ring out windings, has begun to connect in one point, and for the ends to give power supply. The thing is that about 220 Volts will fall on each winding in that case. From here it is possible to draw conclusion that somehow it is possible to connect the asynchronous engine to household network 220. Connection according to the scheme triangle is applied in case connection to some models of frequency converters, or is made for connection to household network. In the presence of terminals it is necessary to connect C1 conclusions to C6, C2 with C4, C3 with C5. And on each couple tension moves. Use of the frequency converter is good the fact that it is possible to change rotating speed of anchor without use of mechanical devices (for example, variators), to change time of dispersal and braking.

Connection to single-phase household network

Not to lose electric motor power, it is the best of all to use models of frequency converters which have power supply from one phase, and at the exit have three phases. Here only the price strongly bites and it is possible to get them in the large cities, or in online stores. And if to order in the last, then where the probability that during delivery the device will not suffer? Therefore use capacitor banks for shift of phase more often. The battery of working condensers has to pay off so that 7 microfarad of capacity are the share of each hundred Watts of power. For example, for the engine of 1.5 kW the battery with a capacity about 105 microfarad is necessary. Windings of the engine connect according to the scheme of triangle, one conclusion moves on zero, the second on phase, and the third via the block of condensers unites to phase. Parallel to working condensers the block starting which participate only during engine firing turns on. The package switch in which one contact at release of the button is disconnected can provide such operating mode. Capacity of starting condensers has to be at least three times more than the capacity of workers. And starting join parallel to workers during start.

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