As it is correct to construct beehive: councils

As it is correct to construct beehive: councils

If you have decided to be engaged in beekeeping, then to you, of course, beehives will be necessary. In spite of the fact that bees usually are on sale together with "house", the additional beehive can be useful, for example, for landing of swarms. To buy empty beehives - expensive pleasure. Can cost such beehive as much how many bee family. In the presence of the minimum joiner's experience it is not difficult to make beehive with own hands at all.

It is required to you

  • - scrub plane;
  • - plane;
  • - board;
  • - nails;
  • - hammer;
  • - jointer plane


1. Make primary cleaning of boards by means of the scrub plane. Carefully process boards at first unary, and then and double-iron plane.

2. Connect boards to the chosen grooves and folds in continuous wall by means of pins and thorns.

3. Beat bars of 6х10х450 mm in size to the top edge of front and back walls of beehive. Bars are beaten from outer end and, further, will serve for ceiling flooring. Make flanges of 17 mm in depth.

4. Measure on inside of sidewalls of beehive distance in 450 mm and note it line.

5. Connect front wall of beehive to side so that the upper part of sidewalls was flush with the bar beaten on front side of beehive. In the same way attach back wall. At assembly of the body of beehive it is necessary to consider that its internal dimension has to be strictly 450х450 mm. For this purpose be guided on the line drawn earlier. All corners of beehive have to make strictly 90 degrees.

6. Saw off surplus on side walls of beehive.

7. Hang up two nested frames on flanges of back and front walls of beehive. One frame is hung up on the left side, and another - from right. Note bottom edge of bar of framework. Draw from the inside at this level line on all perimeter of beehive. Recede from this line of 20 mm down and draw the second line going on beehive perimeter. At this level the grid or floor of your beehive will be located.

8. Cut through notches in front wall of beehive. The lower edge notch has to be located flush with grid.

9. Insert grid, hang framework, put insulating pillow, lay ceiling and cover beehive with roof.

10. Paint beehive with paint with addition of painter's or aluminum powder. It will help to avoid influence of electric field on bees.

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