As it is correct to dive seedling of tomatoes

As it is correct to dive seedling of tomatoes

Seedling of tomatoes needs sword-play in phase of two real leaflets. Approximately for 15-20 day after emergence of shoots. It is necessary to hold in due time sword-play as tomatoes do not love narrowness and answer it with growth delay.

How to prepare seedling of tomatoes for sword-play

For couple of days prior to sword-play stop watering of seedlings. If to neglect it, seedling will be is problematic to be taken out from soil. As result – the root system will sustain considerable damage that at this stage of development of plants is extremely undesirable. 

Prepare tanks. Their volume has to be not less than 300 ml. For dwarfish grades of tomatoes it is possible to take capacity less.

It is possible to use both individual glasses, and boxes. Anyway they have to have drainage holes through which excess moisture will leave. Experienced gardeners recommend to use opaque tanks. One of ideal options – good old peat pots. 

If you have decided to seat tomatoes in transparent plastic cups, envelop them dark fabric or black film. Otherwise on walls undesirable neighbors – seaweed can appear. Besides, in transparent capacity the sun can burn backs of tomatoes.  

If you use container from last year, well wash it with water with laundry soap. For disinfection it is possible to use baking soda. 

Sword-play of tomatoes: step-by-step instruction

  • Prepare soil. It has to be easy and feeder. Fill tanks with soil and do in them hole so that at you it has turned out to bury plant to cotyledonous leaflets – the lowermost who have appeared the first.  
  • Hook accurately tomato seedling teaspoon and cut backs with scissors, literally on millimeter. It needs to be made to stimulate growth and development of roots. For this purpose many gardeners use korneobrazovatel, for example Kornevin.  
  • Place seedling in hole, not otryasy lands from its roots. Bury to leaflets and condense soil. If necessary to earth dosypta. Water raspikirovanny tomatoes with warm water. It is possible to add to it Epin, "Zircon" or other similar "anti-stress" for plants. Pay attention that when using Epin the seedlings need be not to watered at the roots, and to spray. As this medicine through soil does not work.  

How to look after seedling of tomatoes after the sword-play

The first couple of days indoors where there are raspikirovanny plants, maintain temperature near 20-22os in the afternoon and 15-18os at night. The temperature difference can achieve, periodically opening window for airing.

Seedling needs week "to recover" and take root after the sword-play. After that you can safely lower temperature to 18 wasps in the afternoon and 15 wasps at night. 

10 days later after the sword-play at tomato seedling the intensive growth of root system begins. During this period it needs good lighting. If the daylight hours is even less than 12 hours, surely use dosvetka. For this purpose not only phytolamps, but also light-emitting diode or luminescent will approach. Place dosvetka at the height about 20-25 cm from tops of seedlings. 

The subsequent leaving comes down to waterings, fertilizing and gradual priuchivaniye to fresh air. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team