As it is correct to establish the pool

As it is correct to establish the pool

The new pool will not become the vacation spot if it is wrong to establish it. Not only the convenience of its use, but also functionality depends on position of the pool. Correctly established pool steadily holds water and allows to achieve the necessary temperature.


1. The first step in installation of the pool is preparation of the base under it. Choose the site of the territory on which the pool will be established. It has to be the open space which is not covered by trees and being far from electric devices. Remove all vegetation and skim the turf in radius slightly bigger the radius of your pool. The surface cleared of vegetation has to be very plain, use level for measurements.

2. Having prepared site, fill up it with even layer of sand, it will serve as the spreading surface. Sand well is suitable for these purposes, first, it will amortize dock apron when someone is in it, secondly, protects pool material from strong breeds, for example stones. Do not use alkaline substances as the spreading surface, they can lead to corrosion of metal parts and destruction of the pool.

3. Establish pool sidewalls. If they are made of metal or fiber glass, fix them by means of screws. Fill up the inner edge of wall with small amount of sand on all perimeter.

4. Now lay insert of the pool which will hold water in it. The insert, depending on the pool sizes, can have quite big area. Strictly follow the instruction and observe order of its deployment and fastening to framework. If the pool is supplied with floatation ring, establish it on framework perimeter from outer side. Some pools are supplied with the supporting metal support which fasten on plastic basis. If you have them, establish them.

5. Gather water of 5-8 cm in depth to the pool. Attentively walk look on dock apron perimeter. Pay attention whether evenly it is filled. If this is so, continue its filling. If you find out that filling depth in different sites of the pool different, so the pool is established with mistakes. Try to correct them, having returned on several steps backwards.

6. Now establish and fix ladder if it is applied to set. Be attentive, densely you fix all parts, strictly following the instruction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team