As it is correct to grow up grapes

As it is correct to grow up grapes

Grapes - useful and tasty berry. However in most cases it is bought, but it is possible to grow up it independently. Undoubtedly, the plant will demand care and time, but will thank the person fine harvest.

If there is a wish to grow up grapes on own site, then knowledge of certain secrets will be required, then the plant will please, yielding good harvest. At the beginning it is possible to use the easiest method of landing of grapes, and with experience it will be possible to master also more difficult technology.


Cherenkovaniye – the easiest and fast way to grow up grapes, however it has the features. They need to be considered, otherwise will grow up nothing. So, for cherenkovaniye of grapes it is recommended to use the grades having resistance to the Phylloxera grape. She is little insect up to 1 mm in size who harms root system. It is necessary to prepare rod for shanks during the period since October before frosts.

For cherenkovaniye it is possible to take material from bush of one-year rod which did not hurt and well fructified. It will be required to cut off rod top, that is its not ripened part and to remove from it short moustaches and not fallen leaves. Now it is not necessary to divide it into shanks, it is better to wait when she winters.

Preparation of shanks

When the rod is prepared, it should be submerged in water for 3 days. After soaking for disinfection it is located in potassium permanganate solution for 4 hours. Then the rod will be required to be wiped from residues of water. After holding this procedure it needs to be packed into burlap or other convenient packaging material. It is recommended to store it at temperature from 0 to +5os in the basement or the fridge.

Preparation and disembarkation of shanks

After the wintering the rod is unpacked and cut on shanks. Everyone has to have at least 4 live kidneys. After cutting of shanks, they should be put in packages or boxes of soil and to put in the damp, darkened place where temperature near 18-20os will reign. Soon kidneys will begin it is necessary to sprout, so to begin gradually to accustom plant to light, increasing its quantity. Soil has to be constantly moderately damp.

Correct landing of shank

If on shanks very young branches with several leaflets have grown, then it is possible to land them to the open ground. It is recommended to sit down chubuk since the end of April on May. Before landing of shanks they need to be taken out from tanks and to examine root system. If its length more than 20-25 centimeters, it is cut. Then roots are dipped in the talker from mullein and clay then they are sprinkled with the sifted humus. For landing the hole of 80 x 80 x 80 cm in size is preparing. On its bottom fertilizers give all the best and put shank.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team