As it is correct to grow up healthy seedling

As it is correct to grow up healthy seedling

With arrival of spring the gardeners and summer residents begin to plant pepper, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers and other cultural plants. But it is not always possible to receive healthy and qualitative seedling. Therefore it is so important to follow rules of cultivation of seedling in house conditions and also to avoid widespread mistakes.

Selection of capacity

The choice of capacity depends on whether you are going to dive further seedling. Mass landing of sunflower seeds in total capacity – fast and quite easy way of prorashchivaniye of seedlings. After emergence of the second couple of leaves saplings it is necessary to dive in separate pots.

If you do not wish to be engaged in dive of seedling, then it is recommended to put on two sunflower seeds in separate tanks (ready seedling pots, cartridges or any make-shifts with the openings made in day). Pots from the pressed rice flour or peat are most convenient in application, in them replace plants in soil (further pots decay in the earth). It is better to sow cucumbers, eggplants and squash at once in separate tanks as the root system of these plants is quite sensitive at change to damages.

The soil for seedling

For cultivation of seedling it is necessary to use the special soil mix consisting of three parts of humus, four parts of sand and three parts of the garden earth. Sift all ingredients through small sieve, then disinfect in the microwave oven, oven or on couple. It is possible to improve quality of soil by means of perlite or vermiculite which saturate the soil with air, maintain water permeability, reduce the probability of falling of sprouts. Fill containers or pots with the prepared substrate, in soil there should not be emptiness.

Lighting and temperature

Lighting is important condition of viability of seeds, receiving strong seedling. If lighting will be not enough, then sprouts will be weak, pale and extended. Seedlings have to receive daily for 14-16 hours of bright light. Therefore it is recommended to use daylight lamps. Regularly overturn containers that seedling received uniform lighting. Prorashchivaniye of seeds has to occur at temperature of 22-25 degrees. It is necessary to contain seedling at 15-19 degrees. Lower temperatures slow down process of growth of plants, but seedling at the same time will turn out more hardy, strong and tempered.

Watering of seedling

Soil mix should not dry up. It is impossible to allow stagnation of water also. Always support soil in damp state, you make spraying of sprouts and watering from spray. The grown-up seedling needs to be watered with the settled water of room temperature from watering can. Adult seedlings can be watered through pallet, it stimulates development of branched and strong root system.


After young sprouts release the second set of leaflets, time for regular fertilizing comes. For this purpose it is possible to use the liquid or granulated mineral fertilizers. Be attentive, surplus of fertilizers can affect quality of seedling, it will turn out lean and extended.

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