As it is correct to heat bath

As it is correct to heat bath

Fire chamber of the real Russian bath – the whole ritual which demands special and correct preparation. To take a steam bath and carry out much all bathing procedures, it is necessary to heat the room to necessary temperature previously. As the heater the furnace Kamenka which is kindled by dry firewood is used.

  • - firewood;
  • - paper;
  • - chips;
  • - matches;
  • - poker.

1. Before starting furnace fire chamber, it is necessary to put the room of bath and the waiting room in full order. Remove all unnecessary objects which will not be useful to you for washing, carefully sweep the floor, especially in that place where firewood is stored. In bath there should not be residues of soap and leaves from broom, it can be fraught with consequences. Also walls and ceiling need damp cleaning. After cleaning carefully air the room, open doors and windows.

2. Before laying firewood in toplivnik, clean the zolnikovy camera and grid iron from residues of combustion products, so you will be able to release access of air to fuel. Otherwise the furnace with ashpit can turn into the oven with the deaf then, and it is uneconomical. The increased humidity of firewood worsens burning therefore they should be dried previously.

3. Open completely fire chamber door, cover of smoke work line rack and semi-draft door. Light match and define availability of draft. Tear off knife several rags of birch bark and reserve several crumpled sheets of newsprint. Choose four-five completely dry logs which have to be the identical size and thickness and also to correspond to fire chamber dimensions.

4. On grid iron put in parallel each other two thin logs with gap in one palm. Between them put lump of paper and fill the mound of spill. From above fasten the hill with the remained two logs, having put them obliquely. The hill with paper and chips has to remain inside and not be scattered. Take two-three matches at once, light and bring to paper. When it is lit, close fire chamber door not to fill with smoke the room.

5. Listen, without opening door whether there is several minutes later characteristic quite strong and equal buzz of flame. If is not present, then it is necessary to begin the procedure of kindling from the very beginning. Cover slightly subfurnace semi-door as air is simply necessary for burning of firewood. Open latch of water boiler and cover valve of smoke pipe.

6. In about ten minutes by means of poker level coals and load portion of firewood of any thickness and the sizes on two thirds of height of fire chamber. The procedure of bookmark repeats in the same way within three hours in the summer and five hours in the winter. You watch height of water in boiler that process of laying of firewood did not reduce firing temperature, do not wait when from them there are dim coals. From time to time mix coals and brands poker for full combustion.

7. Glance in fire chamber and make sure that firewood has completely burned through, coals became red, and do not slip blue tongues of flame (carbon monoxide) anywhere. If the sweating room has heated up to 60-90 degrees, open latch to limit, close draft door, make sure that the fire chamber door densely and is reliably closed. Open door and window leaves, splash water ladle to Kamenka, floor, walls and benches. Close door, hour later cover window leaves. Now it is possible to take a steam bath safely, adding to Kamenka waters for greater steam.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team