As it is correct to iron clothes

As it is correct to iron clothes

That stroking of linen had no unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to follow quite simple rules which not so there is a lot of. Fine fabric should be ironed on thick and dense laying for ironing. — dresses, shirts, trousers, jeans, blouses — it is better to iron clothes on board. The most widespread mistake of many people is the aspiration at once after stroking to fold clothes in cabinet. You should not do it — the ironed linen has to cool down at least during couple of hours at the normal room temperature.

Bed linen iron in the look folded double — at first outer end, and then — internal. It is necessary to iron clothes while it is in slightly damp state — the dried-up linen gives in to stroking much more difficultly. The overdried things before ironing, it is necessary to sprinkle slightly water. It is important to watch that the surface of linen was humidified evenly.

The manner of stroking of linen also depends on characteristics of fabric with which it is necessary to deal. So, the thing from sateen needs to iron in a dry form, and silk clothes — in slightly damp, but as seldom as possible and as much as possible cool iron. Silk does not stand too high temperature and can be deformed under its influence. The clothes from woolen fabric are ironed only through damp rag, and by synthetic lace and fabrics — slightly heated iron to avoid melting of artificial fibers. It is necessary to iron clothes from color knitwear only after preliminary moistening by small amount of warm water with addition of vinegar — so the bright color of products will remain longer.

Remember that the habit to iron white things too warmed iron leads to fabric yellowing. If there was need for stroking of the starched linen, do not forget about property of starch to stick to the warmed metal sole of the iron. It is possible to eliminate such trouble by means of small salt or powder of chalk which need to strew the iron after cooling and to wipe. What to do with things which, according to the instruction, cannot be ironed? After washing they should be hung up under shower on hanger, and all folds will be smoothed. It is necessary to dry such things, without squeezing out them. 

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