As it is correct to look after currant

As it is correct to look after currant

Currant possesses many useful vitamins for human body. Therefore it is grown up by almost all gardeners-gardeners. Besides the correct landing, competent care for these plants is also necessary.

At first after landing currant begins to take root: at it wounds grow, the new root system is formed. Therefore at this time more thorough care for small plant is necessary.

After spring landing in few weeks currant it is necessary to feed up nitrogen fertilizers or urea. Also it is better to carry out fertilizing to summertime by organic fertilizers, for example the cow manure divorced water.

During the whole season of maturing it is regularly necessary to carry out scarification under currant bushes on depth of 8-9 cm not to damage root system. Surely powder the soil under bushes peat or humus.

To facilitate life to plant, around the grown bushes it is better to make small framework of boards or poles. Thereby you will lift from the earth of berry of currant and reduce their term of maturing.

As it is correct to water currant

In general currant very hygrophilous plant and therefore demands more thorough approach in this question. It is especially abundant make watering during intensive growth (June), filling (the end of June – the beginning of July) and after harvesting (August – September). It is also necessary to water bushes before winter in dry and warm autumn weather. On average in day pour out up to 20 liters of water under one bush of currant. Of course, this quantity can decrease in connection with rain precipitation.

For the correct watering around plants do special grooves at distance of 20 cm from the ends of branches and up to 12 cm in depth. Also in hot weather it is necessary to make damp spraying of foliage. It is desirable to make watering in the morning or in the early evening.

How to protect currant from wreckers

Also for the correct care for blackcurrant it is necessary to struggle with various wreckers who cause irreparable loss to harvest competently. To it the kryzhovnikovy or gallic plant louse, web tick, currant sawfly and many others belongs.

For fight against them use bitter wormwood infusion and laundry soap and also wood ashes and other folk remedies.

In the fall in time delete fallen leaves and cut off the dried branches. It is better to powder the lower part of bush of currant on 10-12 cm with the earth or humus for winter time. At this moment it is the best of all to make digging up of the soil for the winter for the best detention of moisture.

If you follow the basic rules of care for currant, then receive useful and qualitative harvest on the personal plot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team