As it is correct to look after houseplants in the winter

As it is correct to look after houseplants in the winter

In the winter when the color palette of the world around becomes monophonic, houseplants especially please with the juicy greens. But at this particular time year it requires the maximum leaving, attention and power supply.

Short daylight hours, dry air and sharp differences of daytime and night time temperature – all this does huge harm to houseplants, and they begin to lose saturated color, to fade and be ill. But we can help them, and it will not make special work, it is enough to follow certain rules of care for houseplants.


In the winter in any room air humidity very low. The soil in flowerpots dries up, practically, right after watering. Seeking to water plant as often as possible, we make big mistake. It is better to reduce watering, and here it is necessary "to bathe" the favourites as often as possible. It is abundant spray leaves each 2-3 days, and your pet will answer you with bright greens. But not all from plants love bathing. For example, violets cannot be sprayed at all – leaves will instantly decay, and the flower can die.


Cacti need rest in the winter. Watering can be replaced with sprayings, and to exclude fertilizing at all. Many plants dump leaves in the winter and go "to hibernation". Pots can be removed to the dark place before emergence of the first sprouts.

Lighting and fertilizing

The plants blossoming in winter time need to provide the maximum access of light from windows. Sunshine during this period of year not intensive and burns on leaves you should not be afraid. It is necessary blossoming and qualitative feeding up, and it is desirable to choose fertilizers in granules. Callas, eukharisa and cyclamens feed up each 10-14 days.


In the winter wreckers in the soil and on leaves of plants breed not less actively, than in warm season, and some of their types breed even quicker, than in the summer. Regularly examine leaves and stalks of your pets, delete everything at which there are traces of defeat by wreckers or with traces of rotting, withering and yellowness.


It is impossible to allow dust congestions on leaves of plants. This rule needs to be followed at all seasons of the year. If the size of leaves allows, then wipe them with damp rag as often as possible. Fine-leaved copies it is possible to bathe from spray or under shower, having closed the soil polyethylene film.

Here such simple rules of care for houseplants will fully help you to enjoy their beauty in winter time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team