As it is correct to make fire

As it is correct to make fire

The ability to make fire is one of the main factors of survival in extreme situation. Fire will help to be warmed, cook food, will serve as the alarm system and protection against wild animals. In marching conditions in the presence of matches does not represent special work to make fire at any weather and other patterns.


1. Find the suitable place for cultivation of fire: opened, but protected from wind. It is good if the site chosen by you is located near water in deepening or it will be blocked by stones. In the winter for cultivation of fire it is necessary to build flooring from logs that fire has not heated snow. In peat bogs where the risk of emergence of the fire is high, as flooring it is necessary to use crude logs or sand.

2. Prepare kindling for fire, having collected dry branches and brushwood with a diameter up to 3 cm, birch bark, dry moss or wood chippings. As kindling material it is ideal to use dry fir-tree branches which burn hot and quickly, helping to inflame thereby to the main firewood. During wet weather look for the kindling material protected from rain under crowns, or split the axe dead wood.

3. Remove from the earth turf layer by means of shovel or the axe if there are no old campfires or already trodden platforms around. Carry on safe distance from fire everything that can easily light up: dry grass, leaves, branches and needles. Put small brushwood shalashiky, lay under it the prepared kindling and set fire to it. Over small brushwood put larger and other firewood representing polenets which diameter exceeds 3 cm.

4. Build cover to make fire in rainy weather. At heavy rain or wind try to stack kindling material as it is possible more densely. Use piece of rubber, organic glass, old film or candle end of candle to facilitate process of kindling.

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