As it is correct to make up eyelashes

As it is correct to make up eyelashes

fluffy eyelashes do look velvet and mysterious. Correctly picked up ink will help to give beautiful bend and saturated color to eyelashes. You can use the extending or volume means. The main thing is to learn to apply ink correctly. After several trainings you will be able accurately to make up eyes of all in couple of minutes.

It is required to you

  • - ink;
  • - hairbrush for eyelashes;
  • - the strengthening base;
  • - sheet of paper.


  1. Choose suitable ink. Most effectively the glossy-black option looks, for daily socks also the dark brown ink doing look to softer will approach. If your eyelashes rather dense, but not too long, choose the extending ink - it will increase hairs and will divide them. Ink with effect of volume will be suitable for rare eyelashes. Use ink with effect of false eyelashes in the evening - it not only extends and thickens hairs, but also creates steady beautiful curl.
  2. The transparent or white base which is caused under color ink will help to make eyelashes even more magnificent. She not only will add to hairs volume, but also will protect them from oblamyvaniye. It is possible to find in sale and special double ink - classical black means and suitable base enters set.
  3. Paint eyelashes, holding brush parallel to century. Paint over very thin and short hairs in external corners of eyes, having turned brush perpendicularly and working with the end of brush. Do smooth movements from roots of eyelashes to their tips, slightly pressing hairs brush for formation of beautiful bend.
  4. After drawing one layer of ink slightly dry eyelashes. Remove lumps, having combed hairs. If you want to achieve theatrical effect, put one more paint layer.
  5. If ink too liquid, let's it dry up a little, having left tube opened for 7-10 minutes. The thickened or dried ink can be put in order, having dripped in bottle of a little clear water. Do not dilute ink with alcohol or drops for eyes - it is dangerous.
  6. Accurately to make up the lower eyelashes, enclose under them the sheet of paper - it will help to save skin under eyes from ink spots. Gather a little funds for brush and paint the lower eyelashes one layer. Let's them dry up a little and accurately remove standard sheet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team