As it is correct to make up eyelashes with ink

As it is correct to make up eyelashes with ink

picked up mascara in couple of minutes will increase eyes, will emphasize their color and beautiful section. That ink kept long, without being showered and without being smeared, learn to apply it accurately. Choose the means helping to extend, twist eyelashes or to give them volume - modern cosmetics is capable to create any effects.

We choose ink correctly

It is possible to find different options of ink in sale. For rare eyelashes there are means with effect of volume, short will approach extending, and to straight lines - the tightening-up ink. Choose means with combination of natural vosk and silicones - they envelop each eyelash, adding to hairs gloss and elasticity.

Good ink is not showered and not smeared. If you are interested in cosmetics which will not suffer from rain or tears, choose waterproof options. Also ink which can be washed away warm water is very convenient, but it is not affected by precipitation, tears or sweat.

The efficiency of drawing depends not only on quality of ink, but also on brush. For volume use very fluffy brush, length is created by devices with rare fibers. The tightening-up effect will be provided by brush spiral with bristles of different length. The interesting offer - ridge plastic core. With its help it is possible not only to distribute accurately ink, but also to podzavit eyelashes.

If ink has dried, dilute it with several drops of water. Do not drip in bottle spirits, alcohol or other liquids - they can cause irritation mucous and loss of eyelashes.

We make up eyelashes beautifully: proved methods

Coloring of eyelashes - final stroke in make-up of eyes. Not to grease cosmetics, you apply ink after shadows, eyeliner and pencil. Dip brush into bottle. Begin to apply ink from the middle of upper eyelid. Holding brush parallel to century, do by it smooth movements, applying ink from roots to tips and moving to external corner of eye. Slightly press brush on the middle of eyelashes - so you will record their bend. Add the second layer of ink in external corners of eye - it will make look more expressive. For putting paint on short hairs develop brush perpendicular to century. Then paint over eyelashes at internal corners. For daily make-up it is enough to paint upper eyelashes. But if you want to apply paint and on lower, act especially accurately - ink on them is easily smeared. For convenience enclose the sheet of paper under eyelashes - drips of paint will remain on it. You apply ink in one layer.

It is possible to find ink with two brushes in sale. Big it is intended for upper eyelashes, and small it is very convenient to paint lower.

Do you want to increase the volume of eyelashes? Use means for thickening of hairs. Under ink it is possible to cause special base on the basis of silicones. Make up hairs white or colourless base, give to means to dry, and then use color ink. One more option - eyelash powder. Put ink layer, then put synthetic microfibres powder on hairs. Record fibers one more layer of ink.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team