As it is correct to mulch strawberry

As it is correct to mulch strawberry

Mulching - the important agrotechnical course in crop production, for strawberry beds is irreplaceable. This process consists in the shelter of space between plants protection material. The productivity directly depends on the correct mulching.

To understand how and when to bring mulch, it will be necessary to be defined for what purpose it is made. Mulching of strawberry beds is carried out from spring to fall. In the spring when on bushes the ovary appears, begin to bring mulch.

Why mulching is necessary

  • For destruction of weeds on strawberry bed – under dense layer of mulch, without light access, weeds do not sprout.
  • For preservation of moisture in the soil – the mulch protects bed from aeration, from moisture evaporation, is capable to support optimum temperature condition.
  • As protection and additional power supply – when using organic mulch, root system gains useful to growth and substance developments.
  • In the preventive purposes – to save harvest of berries from rotting because of contact with the soil.

What mulch the best

The mulch from rye straw has well proved. At such mulching the strawberry bush is protected from overheating and various factors which are drying up the soil. Besides, at peregnivaniye of such mulch, in the soil the useful microorganisms capable to protect strawberry from fungal infections develop. Before bookmark on bed straw needs to be dried well in the sun. During this time it is possible to prepare beds – to loosen and, if necessary, to weed. Mulch uniform layer 15 centimeters thick around bushes and on row-spacings. One more mulching material deserves close attention – marigold. All plant, from root to flower, real antiseptics, capable to protect strawberry landings from wreckers, putrefactive and fungal infections. Often marigold land on perimeter of strawberry bed with the purpose to secure strawberry against wreckers, but if in the summer to lay the crushed marigold in the form of mulch, the healthy bed is provided. As mulch for strawberry bed peat is good. It well holds moisture and favorably affects structure of the soil. Peat is organic mulch and in pure form on beds it is not desirable to spread it. In the beginning it is dried, mixed with sawdust and only then cover all space between plants layer to 8 cm.

Mulch for winter

Peat also is suitable for the winter shelter. At frequent winter thaw it is simply irreplaceable – the good warming stuff does not collect condensate that prevents freezing of root system. For mulching of strawberry beds for the winter use also the material capable to hold snow cover. In this quality the hvoynik – small branches, needles, cones is good. The mulch which is brought for the winter needs to be removed in the spring, in it pathogenic microorganisms can develop. Besides the winter mulch delays warming up of the soil. Each plant breeder tries to provide good rewintering to strawberry therefore along with qualitative councils for mulching, also features of the region – what is suitable for southern latitudes are considered, it can be useless, and even it is pernicious for more cool places.

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