As it is correct to plant cucumbers

As it is correct to plant cucumbers

It is difficult to imagine the garden site without beds of cucumbers. Therefore it is worth being engaged in landing of this vegetable surely. That it was possible to begin to reap rich crop in the summer, it is necessary to know rules of sowing of seeds.

Having decided to plant cucumbers on the garden site, it is necessary to approach with special responsibility this business. Then there will ascend the maximum quantity of seeds, and the harvest will exceed all expectations.

Preparation of the soil and creation of holes

To begin to pave the way under cultivation cucumbers it is necessary since fall. It is necessary to bring on each 10 sq.m. 100 kg of manure or 400 g of superphosphate and 250 g of potash salt. In the spring ammonium nitrate in number of 100-200 g is entered.

It is necessary to create holes for cucumber seeds small. It is enough to dig out of them on depth of 6-8 cm. At the same time on their bottom it is important to lay out small layer of humus which should be humidified a little. Thereby it will be possible to create favorable environment for vskhod of seeds.

Crops of seeds of cucumbers

It is possible to make crops of seeds only when soil temperature becomes higher +15os. If not to take this condition in attention, then cucumbers can not ascend as they do not transfer low temperatures. At the same time crops need to be carried out in several steps at an interval of 7-9 days. The purpose of such approach is to provide high productivity. If the seeds planted at the first stage die, then there will be those which sowing was made later. It is necessary to put cucumber seeds on depth in 4-5 cm. It is possible to go and some other way, having created small bias at crops. Then seal of seeds will happen at different depth: from 2 to 6 cm. As a result cucumbers anyway will ascend. So, if the top soil is strongly moistened, then small located seeds will sprout and if more water is present at lower, then there will ascend deeply closed up. It is necessary to carry out watering of cucumbers after landing regularly, it is impossible to allow drying of soil and withering of risings. It is required to do it with application of watering can. Then the soil will not be washed away.

Councils for crops of seeds

In order that cucumbers have begun to fructify as soon as possible, before landing couch seeds. For this purpose put them in one layer on rag which needs to be humidified from time to time. In several days the seeds will give small sprouts and will be ready to disembarkation. It is necessary to lower them on depth in 4-6 cm. At the same time it is important to place seeds sprouts up. By preparation of beds you watch distance between them. It has to be at least 40 cm. And during crops of seeds it is necessary to observe interval between them in 7-12 cm. To accelerate rising of cucumbers, it is necessary to cover after their landing beds with layer of polyethylene film. It is necessary to leave it for 2-3 days. Then it is necessary to remove film and to humidify the soil. In 3-4 days shoots will appear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team