As it is correct to plant cucumbers to the open ground for receiving good harvest

As it is correct to plant cucumbers to the open ground for receiving good harvest

Almost all fans of kitchen garden like to grow up cucumbers on the personal plots. Cultivation of these vegetables begins with the correct and timely landing. How and when to plant cucumbers to the open ground?

In order that cucumbers have pleased with abundant harvest, it is necessary to consider several important factors at their landing: landing terms, place of landing, preparation of the soil, seeds or seedlings and also correct process of the landing.

For a start it is necessary to define optimum time for landing of cucumbers to the open ground. They belong to cultures which love heat and begin to grow at temperature over +15 degrees. Therefore to the open ground they are put only when the soil gets warm above this mark. But also you should not delay with this process. Cucumbers cease to develop at temperature over +28 degrees which can be observed in the second month of summer.

Therefore, the best time for landing of cucumbers to the open ground is the middle of May. Many gardeners connect their landing with growth of potatoes. If the tops of vegetable at it has gone to growth, then it is not necessary to wait for emergence of returnable frosts which can do much harm to cucumbers.

It is better to grow up cucumbers, planting them in stages. And it is possible to put both early, and mid-season grades at the same time. Thus, the crop on bed can be reaped during the whole season.

Choice of the place and preparation of bed

When choosing the place of cultivation of cucumbers it is necessary to consider that they are thermophilic and photophilous culture. Therefore places near some small building from South side, for example the greenhouse, bath, gazebo and so on are ideal for them. In that case plants will be protected from direct norths.

The soil it is necessary to dig over and bring the rerotting cow manure. Organic fertilizers are to the taste to cucumbers. It is also possible to use solution of chicken dung (2 glasses on 10 l of water).

These plants perfectly develop on warm beds which prepare since fall in advance. For this purpose to the soil layers close up leaves, sawdust, grass, paper and so on. From above powder with layer of prime quality land and leave towards the winter to pereprevat. Height of such bed has to be not less than 20 cm.

Preparation of seeds

It is known that seeds of cucumbers have bigger viability with age therefore for landing to the open ground it is better to use copies of the 3rd or 4-year.

Seeds directly some days before crops ret for day in warm water, and then place in damp rag for 2-3 days in some superficial capacity and put to the warm light place. During this time seeds have to sprout. Also they need to be killed for day in weak solution of potassium permanganate. It will help to prevent development of many diseases.

Landing of cucumbers to the open ground

After all processes of preparation pass directly to the landing of plants. On one bed it is possible to plant together cucumbers both seeds, and seedling. The only condition is not to confuse among themselves different grades, and to put them separately.

Before crops bed it is abundant water. Then on it do grooves up to 2 cm in depth along all ridge. The distance between them has to be not less than 30-35 cm further in these grooves display seeds on distance of 5-6 cm from each other or plant seedling. From above grooves powder with friable humus or peat. It will detain moisture and heat in top soil.

If further frosts are not expected, then the bed is just covered with branches to protect landings from birds and cats. And here at cold weather on it establish arches and cover with ukryvny material, for example film or agrily. In that case the bed is daily opened for intake of oxygen to the soil and because of possible overheating of the earth.

After landing the cucumbers need daily abundant watering, especially it concerns sandy soils and loams. In 2-3 weeks after landing carry out the first fertilizing. For this purpose use the complex mineral fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium or infusions of mullein and chicken dung.

The correct landing of cucumbers to the open ground will allow to receive rich harvest of these vegetables on the personal plot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team