As it is correct to plant seeds of ageratum

As it is correct to plant seeds of ageratum

The homeland of ageratum are tropics of Central America. In the 19th century it has been brought to Eurasia and still enjoys wide popularity. Because of frigid climate in Russia ageratum is only annual plant. It belongs to Astrov' family.

Cultivation of ageratum from seeds

Ageratum grow up in soil which consists of sand, humus and peat. Ratio: 1:1:1. For seedling use small box or container. Before planting of seeds in the second half of March well pave the way, humidifying and a little razrykhlivy it. In the heavy earth to flower will difficult grow.

The lack of seeds of ageratum is that they are very small. Therefore use some secrets when landing. So, for uniform distribution of seeds on surface mix them with small amount of sand. If on the street the snow has not descended yet, gather it and put on soil layer 1-1.5 cm. Now take bag of seeds and, accurately tapping on it, carry out crops. The uniformity of distribution of seeds will be well visible on snow. You make all actions very quickly as snow will thaw soon and seeds together with it will go to the soil.

After that cover box with polyethylene film or glass, creating greenhouse effect. Optimum temperature for ageratum during this period of +15-16 degrees Celsius. The first shoots appear in 8-10 days. At this time the film from box should be removed and put it on the solar place.

Disembarkation of ageratum in soil

When seedling of ageratum grows up and will get stronger, seat flowers on separate pots. It is indispensable condition, the plant develops quickly and even small bushes begin to disturb one another. Replace ageratum with earth lump on roots. So you will minimize their damage. Provide to the seated seedlings good care, timely watering, lighting. When night frosts stop, land ageratum in soil. In different regions the period of disembarkation can differ. But approximate time is May or the beginning of June. By summer the soil is already well heated-up. On the garden site carefully choose the soil for ageratum. It has to be trained, that is without stagnation of underground waters, and besides not sour. In the beginning make superficial holes between which distance has to be about 20 cm. Before disembarkation well water holes. It is very convenient to plant young flowers in gruel from the earth, straightening roots that they were not bent. After landing slightly stamp the soil hands.

Care for adult plant

After disembarkation of ageratum water it in process of drying of the soil. Do not forget to loosen the soil around roots and to carefully weed all weeds. It is undesirable that the plant too promptly went to growth. In this case cut off tops of escapes and form bush. Remember that ageratum has to grow kustoobrazno and develop at small height. That the plant has blossomed in 40-60 days after disembarkation in soil, feed up him organic and mineral fertilizers. However you remember that at surplus of organic chemistry at plant the green material to the detriment of blossoming increases. Besides ageratum does not transfer fresh manure. Supply it with enough humic fertilizers better. Such substances are useful to plant at all stages of development. The most known humic fertilizers are produced in liquid form. At approach of the first frosts in the fall ageratum perishes. But if you have greenhouse or the greenhouse at winter, keep the most beautiful bushes there. And take shanks from these plants in the spring and implant in the soil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team