As it is correct to plaster

As it is correct to plaster

It is possible to plaster walls independently even in the absence of wide experience in construction repair works. It is enough to follow simple rules and step by step to follow the instruction consisting of five main stages.

It is required to you

  • Plaster solution, palette, semi-grater.


1. At the first stage it is necessary to prepare surface for putting special solution. For this purpose clean wall from old plaster coat and smooth out the available seams. Do not plaster at all svezheslozhenny wall as over time the laying settles, and plaster bursts.

2. The second stage is mixing of mortar for drawing on wall surface. For example, for internal walls from masonry the sand-lime mortar in proportion 1:2, 1:3 or 1:4 is used. For crude walls – lime cement mortar: lime, sand and cement in the ratio from 1:1:4 to 1:1:7.

3. At the third stage it is carried out nabryzg. For this work which represents putting the prepared solution on wall practical skills are required. Certain portion of mix undertakes and the sharp movement rushes on wall that it was not formed splashes, and solution has stuck to surface.

4. The fourth stage includes finish or alignment of the put plaster coat. It is necessary to wait the moment when mix becomes harsh, but will not manage to grab yet. For this purpose apply special board with handles – semi-grater which makes smooth circular motions when pressing wall. After drying there are traces from rails which need to be removed by filling groove with solution and the subsequent overwriting.

5. The fifth stage – puttying. It is necessary for receiving plain surface which has to be suitable for paperhanging or coloring. Take the palette and apply with thin layer oil putty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team