As it is correct to raise cucumbers in the open ground

As it is correct to raise cucumbers in the open ground

There has come the period of landing of vegetable cultures on kitchen garden or personal plot. Each gardener-gardener himself decides that he will put in the territory. It is necessary to consider that it is impossible to grow up vegetables on the same place several years in a row, and it is necessary to alternate them. For example, after cabbage the next year, cucumbers perfectly grow. However that they well grew in the open ground, it is necessary to plant them correctly.

The majority of types of various vegetables which perfectly transfer cool weather are already landed: beet, potatoes, carrots. In the middle of May on the street the warm weather gradually begins to be established. This period is just ideal for planting of cucumbers to the open ground. But if on the street it is still cold, then it is necessary to use special protective equipment and to cover cucumbers after disembarkation with film or agrily.

It is possible to plant cucumbers as in germinated look, and simple seeds. Advantage of germinated cucumber is that it begins to yield harvest quicker, but it is more difficult for it to take root in new conditions. For germination the cucumbers in April put in small jars, for example from under mayonnaise and put on the solar place in the house.

Planting of cucumbers to the open ground

Cucumbers in general are thermophilic plants. Therefore the location of the place of landing has to be on sunny side of your kitchen garden.

It is better to pave the way in advance. To introduce necessary complex fertilizers and surely humus. To properly spill the earth water.

Plant seedling of cucumbers at distance of 10 centimeters from each other, it is not necessary to speak rapidly, they love scope. If to plant germinated cucumbers, then do hole about five centimeters in depth, and seeds deepen on two centimeters to the earth.

In one or one and a half weeks the cucumbers will ascend and will please the owner's look. If the cucumber bed was covered with material, it it is necessary to remove over 20 degrees only after establishment of warm weather.

To daily make watering of cucumbers on personal plot. They love moisture and its shortcoming can lead to harmful consequences.

The mandatory requirement at cultivation of cucumbers is the prishchipyvaniye of excess top shoots and their removal.

When cucumbers reach necessary length, create for them framework from boards or twigs on which they will trudge. Or it is possible to put at the edges columns, to connect them level and to tie up plant strings.

In principle cucumbers are not especially whimsical plant in respect of care for it, but it is necessary to make loosening and weeding of the soil under them regularly. It is also good to make fertilizing, for example solution on the basis of chicken dung in time.

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