As it is correct to rent apartment

As it is correct to rent apartment

Before you the choice together with parents began – to live or safely make the decision to live separately to rent apartment, and, following our advice, look for suitable living space. First of all the modern person opens house the Internet the page and begins search of announcements. Most likely, you will come across the announcement this announcement placed by the agency on the real estate, and not always will be real. Often realtors (even the large agencies) use the small cunning tricks to entice the potential tenant. You should not be afraid of it, but also to trust blindly too.

As to rent apartment and not to fall into clutches to deceivers?

If before you had not to deal with realtors, then it is necessary to elect the assistant in search of rent of housing carefully. Will better address to large real estate agency where agents work, there is the base of apartments and other long-term practices. We advise, to designate the conditions to the agent extremely directly, otherwise the realtor will begin to offer you various options if only only to lease to you the apartment. The monthly rent, amount of commission to the agency for services and in which area you want to live have to be the most important condition.

So, monthly rent – it is necessary to give exact number, but not interval, otherwise you will give the chance to the realtor to offer you options with the maximum price. It is necessary to set conditions that the sum has to be stated in the contract and that it within year cannot be changed by the lessor.

Sometimes the agency wants to receive remuneration from you 100% of the monthly sum for the apartment, but agree it too. Sometimes the owner demands to bring payment not only for the first month at once, but also for the last – and to pay at once 3 prices is it is unprofitable. In this case quietly tell the agent that are not ready to pay such sum at once, however, you will be able to find 30% to thank the agency. Perhaps it is necessary to bargain, but business is worth it – you will be able to save the money. The area also needs to be specified most accurately – the subway, at most two stations and how many minutes on foot you are ready to go from future apartment to the subway. If you use personal car, and to the subway are not tied, then speak about necessary availability of parking spaces near the house. And the last recommendations for those who are interested as it is correct to rent apartment and to secure themselves against black realtors. Carefully read the contract and annexes to it which give you for the signature. Check documents for the apartment at the owner. Also pay rent only in date of transmission of keys and signing of the contract by both parties. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team