As it is correct to replace oak from the wood in kitchen garden

As it is correct to replace oak from the wood in kitchen garden

In modern landscaping the landing of krupnomer is widespread. These are adult trees with the developed krone, from two meters high which can be bought in nursery or independently to dig out in the nearby forest and to put at the dacha.

Use of krupnomer

Adult trees are capable to turn the "naked" site into the dense forest which will give to landscape thoroughness and completeness immediately. From coniferous trees it is possible to create green hedge, impenetrable for dust, noise and human eyes. From deciduous – original birch or poplar grove – corner of the wild wood. And it is possible to plant tree-soliter on lawn, for example, oak under which shadow it is good to take cover on hot sunny day.

Of course, it is simpler to plant very young trees and to wait for 10-15 years until they turn into big trees. And it is possible to go to the forest right now and to choose to itself oak which will flaunt on the site already tomorrow.

How to choose oak for change

To replace adult oak, it is required three assistants, the winch and shovels. If tree very big, it is necessary to find the vehicle to transport it from the wood to the place of landing. It is the best of all to replace krupnomer late fall or at the beginning of winter. The tree is more senior, the change will be big shock for it, and in cold time when vital processes are slowed down and tree is in condition of hibernation, it will absolutely take root on the new place. It is necessary to look after krupnomer for change even in the summer. It has to be tree with the dense and well developed krone, roots located near earth surface and the intact trunk. On it there should not be symptoms of disease and defeat by insects, otherwise it will infect all plants on the site.

Outplanting, transportation, landing

It is necessary to dig out oak very carefully. Oak from all deciduous krupnomer the biggest "mollycoddle". This giant very badly recovers the injured sheet kidneys. At first it is necessary to make mental projection of krone to the soil under oak to determine the size of maternal lump. It is possible to check the measurements, having paid attention to the size of shtamb (the site of trunk at distance of 30 cm from the soil). The lump has to be more than diameter of shtamb by 10 times. It is the best of all to keep oak lump undamaged when transporting, after excavation to allow it to be chilled within several days and only then, having enveloped film or burlap, to deliver to the place of landing. The hole has to be dug out before the earth is chilled. Its optimum size – is 40 cm more than lump size. The earth for charge needs to be prepared too in advance and to keep in the warm. If clay soil, the drainage from sand and gravel is necessary. If infertile – on bottom of hole it is necessary to add fertilizer. By means of the winch if oak big, or manually the tree is established in hole so that the lump towered over earth surface on 6 cm. It is necessary in order that when soil sinks in the spring, the tree has not been too buried. The oak needs to be oriented on parts of the world as it grew in the forest. Then the hole is dug in. The tree is fixed by stakes and extensions. At emergence of snow the pristvolny circle is filled up with snow layer in 40 cm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team