As it is correct to seed tomatoes on seedling

As it is correct to seed tomatoes on seedling

Tomatoes - very popular thermophilic culture, also grow up them usually by means of seedling. The correct crops of seeds can provide good harvest of tomatoes therefore it is important to pay special attention to this process.

Preparation of seeds for crops

Rejection. This operation will help to get rid of not viable seeds of tomatoes in advance. To reject unsuitable sowing material, it is possible to use salt solution. In glass of water to mix 1 h l of salt and then to pour out there seeds of tomatoes. To wait some time and to remove the sunflower seeds which have emerged on surface - them it is possible to throw out, they will not sprout.

Disinfecting. This procedure is carried out to disinfect sowing material before landing. For disinfecting usually use hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate. It is necessary to take 10% solution of hydrogen peroxide and to put in it seeds of tomatoes for 20 minutes. Then they should be washed out well in cool water and to dry up.

Soaking. The seeds of tomatoes which have undergone the procedure of soaking ascend quicker and give strong seedling. It is necessary to contract gauze into several layers and to put in it seeds, to turn. Seeds in gauze needs to be placed in small amount of warm water approximately for 12-16 hours and to remove to the warm place. It is important to watch that the gauze always was rather damp.

Hardening. There is opinion that the procedure of hardening will help thermophilic tomatoes to transfer temperature drops better further. For hardening the seeds of tomatoes after prorashchivaniye need to be put for the night in the cool place. Then to move in the room with room temperature. Such operation is performed by 2 or 3 times.

Preparation of the soil for crops of seedling

Quality soil - important component of good and healthy seedling of tomatoes. It is quite possible to buy ready mix in special shop and to use it for landing of tomatoes to seedling. Also soil can be prepared by own efforts. In order that seedling of tomatoes gained necessary for growth and substance developments, it is necessary to make pochvosmes of several components. Soil for seedling of tomatoes has to incorporate humus, the sheet earth, peat and baking powder (for example, bank sand).

Crops of seedling of tomatoes

It is necessary to place in the container with soil accurately seeds of tomatoes that they settled down vertically (it is possible to use tweezers). Distance between seeds - not less than 3-4 cm. After that it is necessary to fill up seeds with layer of earth and to water. To cover capacity with future seedling of tomatoes with film and to remove to the warm place (23-25 degrees).

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