As it is correct to sow fennel

As it is correct to sow fennel

Fennel – the grass having exclusive tastes rich with vitamin C, carotene, folic and nicotinic acids. It is used as spice for addition to meat and vegetable dishes, for creation of various medicinal infusions and broths and also various drinks. Of course, fennel can be bought also in shop. Here only why to spend money if it perfectly grows on garden sites, windowsills or in greenhouses.

Landing of fennel on the garden site

It is better to carry out landing of fennel late fall or in the early spring on well heated-up site. Just before sowing the seeds should be processed hot water and to couch a little. For this purpose it is necessary to take gauze sack, to put in it seeds, to put it in glass and to allow to stand 3 days in warm water. Water needs to be changed several times a day. Similar reception will allow to disinfect seeds and to accelerate emergence of sprouts.

After time the seeds should be shifted to gauze sacks, to cover with steam-seasoned sawdust or pieces of damp fabric and to leave for 4 days that sprouts have appeared. Then it is worth drying up and seeding seeds a little in the humidified earth dense rows. Seal depth – 1-1.5 cm. If desired it is also possible to carry out barbotirovaniye of seeds in water within a day and/or their hydrothermal aeration. For the similar purposes use of the compressor from aquarium is possible.

Crops of seeds of fennel on windowsill

If you want to receive early harvest or to have all winter fresh greens, then it is possible to carry out landing of fennel in house conditions – on windowsill. Before crops it is necessary to prepare boxes or pots, to fill with the soil rich with humus. To humidify the earth. Seeds need to be planted at the rate of 40 g on 1 sq.m. The seeded fennel needs to be filled up with layer of fertile soil from above. From above to stamp the earth a little. From above to cover boxes with cellophane film and to establish on windowsills of the windows which are coming to South side and having window leaves. Fennel does not need special conditions of cultivation, can grow at air temperature in minus 17-19os, but the good illumination and airing are necessary for it. In the winter it needs also additional lighting. For this purpose it is possible to use the 40-80 Watts phytolamps. It is necessary to establish them directly over plant at the height of 60 cm.

Crops of fennel in the greenhouse

There is mass of ways of cultivation of fennel in the greenhouse – as together with other plants, for example parsley, and as separate culture. The main method is to prepare seeds for landing as well as for landing to the open ground. Then the earth in landing capacity to humidify, loosen, make in it grooves of 3-4 cm in depth. To sow fennel at the rate of 3 g on 1 sq.m. of the soil. From above to cover it with not thick layer of earth. To humidify the earth by means of the spray.

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