As it is correct to sow seeds in tablets

As it is correct to sow seeds in tablets

Tablets — the material for cultivation of seedling which has appeared in Russia rather recently. Make them of coir fiber and peat. There is no difference between these substrates. Both in coconut, and in peat tablets excellent strong seedling of vegetable and decorative cultures grows if to follow certain rules.

It is required to you

  • - tablets;
  • - deep capacity;
  • - warm water;
  • - polyethylene film;
  • - seeds.


1. Tablets present themselves the pressed peat or coir fiber in the form of the small washer tightened in grid from natural material. Its diameter of everything about 2-3 cm, and height — 0.8 cm.

2. To use tablets for cultivation of seedling very conveniently as there is no need to prepare pochvosmes and tanks. It is enough to arrange tablets in high container at some distance from each other and to fill in them with warm water. In minute they will begin to bulk up and increase in the amount of. Drain excess water.

3. In upper part of tablet there is special deepening in which it is necessary to put sunflower seed. Seeds of the vegetable cultures which are grown up seedling in the way: tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper and eggplants, it is necessary to process previously in solution of potassium permanganate and to wet. Put the prepared planting stock on one in each tablet. Crumb one of them and fill up with the crushed substrate seeds of vegetables. Cover capacity with landings with plastic bag and put to the solar warm place.

4. In several days the first shoots will appear. Film it will be possible to remove and grow up seedling, as at normal way. That is it will need to be watered, dosvechivat periodically in morning and evening hours and to turn to light.

5. When watering consider that the seedlings growing in tablets will need bigger amount of moisture as the coir fiber and peat very quickly dry and it is possible to lose all shoots if at least once to forget them to water. If you have no opportunity to check condition of sprouts several times a day, pour water on capacity bottom, tablets will absorb necessary quantity.

6. It is very convenient to grow up petunia and lobelia in tablets. As seeds of these plants very small, seed small amount in opening of damp tablet and do not powder them with soil. Press down them finger a little. Then cover with film and put to the warm place. Water sprouts from spray.

7. The seedlings which are grown up in tablets do not need sword-play. But as tablets small, and for the excellent growth and development the sprouts need more nutrient medium, replace them in separate glasses. Put plant together with tablet in capacity and fill emptiness with nutritious substrate. Slightly press soil and humidify. Plants without sword-play are not ill and continue to grow, as a result seedling turns out strong and healthy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team