As it is correct to stack natural stone

As it is correct to stack natural stone

The natural stone is ideal for dressing, both facades, and walls or any other vertical surfaces indoors or apartments.

At natural stone, most often it is flag, there is set of advantages before other types of decorative coats: eco-friendly material, low cost, high resistance to chemical or mechanical damages, possibility of processing by cutting tools, long life cycle.

Correctly to lay out surface flag, it is necessary not only to choose stone with the smallest percent of sand, lime mortars and other foreign impregnations, but also to consider material of which the wall, facade or other surface which will be decorated is made.

For laying of stone on surface from concrete the preparation is almost not necessary. The only thing that needs to be made, it to remove dirt and greasy spots. For dirt the brush is used, spots are removed solvent. To wooden surfaces the stone is pasted badly because of high moisture absorption and also low adhesion. The wooden surface has to be processed by waterproofing material, and after that on it it is necessary to establish the grid from metal providing the reliable reinforcing allowing to stack tile without being afraid that it will fall off. Metal surface also not the best for fastening of stone. It needs to be processed soil, to close the metal gauze and to plaster in addition cement and sand mix thin layer. As natural stone always of the different size, before laying it it is necessary to spread out on floor, forming the most harmonious and beautiful drawing repeating natural pattern. If it is going to spread stone facade, it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to do it only in warm weather as in frost glue will not stiffen, and to freeze: the stone will remain on wall, but in thaw there is risk that it will partially come unstuck. As glue it is possible to use bituminous mastics or mixes on the basis of sand, softeners and cement. The main thing that mix did not get on front part of stone as it is badly washed from surface and spoils exterior of covering. It is necessary to stack stone from below up, applying solution both on surface and on stone, and then accurately pressing stone into solution. Seams between stones have to be the most of same width, only in this case the decorated surface will look beautifully, accurately and harmoniously. After completion of work the seams are filled with special moisture resistant solution. If the stone keeps within end-to-end, seams, as a rule, are not decorated as stones are joined among themselves most densely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team