As it is correct to store fresh grapes

As it is correct to store fresh grapes

Grapes – dietary product, it is applied at reexhaustions and nervous breakdown. Also it contains large amount of useful vitamins. Therefore it is necessary to take care of preservation of harvest of grapes for longer term in the fall.

On average for storage from each bush of grapes there are no more than 3 kg of berries. Therefore it is necessary to take this process seriously. Not all grades of grapes are equally well stored. For long storage it is better to use late and srednepozdny grades. For this purpose select friable clusters with rather strong green stalk. Berries have to have the big sizes, with dense pulp without visible visual defects. It is important that the content of sugar in grapes was about 15%. Clusters on storage cut off from sunny side of bush in its average zone. Cleaning of grapes is carried out only to dry weather, and after that it is impossible to leave it under the open sun. Collected grapes are placed on storage in the basement, on the attic or in the shed. Indoors there has to be opening for air circulation, and in the basement availability of exhaust pipe. In week the room is fumigated with crystal sulfur. Then it is carefully aired. Optimum storage temperature of grapes are from 0 to +7 degrees. Under such circumstances it can be from several weeks to several months. Fresh grapes can be stored in various ways.

Storage of grapes in the fridge

It is the easiest and available way for all summer residents. Especially for those who for winter time go to city apartments. It is possible to store grapes in the fridge more than two months. It have on shelves ranks grebnenozhka up. Clusters stack in one layer. It is better not to store grapes in the freezing chamber. For its full freezing temperature to-20 degrees is necessary, and it is possible to thaw it only once. At the same time at grapes the taste and exterior is completely lost, and berries become watery. But even if to store grapes in the fridge under usual conditions, then it, all the same, can deteriorate and become covered over time by mold. Therefore at opportunity it is better to use other storage techniques of grapes.

Storage of grapes in dry the pomeshcheniyakhtaky place can be the attic or well aired shed. In such a way clusters either suspend, or display on shelves in boxes. Clusters separate from bush together with small piece of rod. They are hooked to two tense pro-reducing dies, so that they were in vertical position. Clusters among themselves should not adjoin.

Also clusters of grapes can be stacked on shelves or racks in special boxes. In this case they are cut off together with grebnenozhka. Clusters stack in boxes at an angle 45 degrees, without adjoining with each other. For prevention of formation of decay in boxes it is possible to spread out sodium bisulphate tablets. They at destruction emit sulphurous gas which is anti-septic tank.

Storage of grapes in the damp way

This way includes the actions directed to maintenance of activity of berries. Clusters cut off together with rod: over it leave 5 cm of rod, and under it 20 cm. Their lower part place in bottle or to bank with water which place on shelves or racks in dry rooms. It is possible to add a little wood charcoal that it long did not spoil to water.

In storage time of grapes regularly examine its clusters and delete the decayed berries. If it is correct to meet all necessary conditions, then grapes will long please you with the special taste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team