As it is correct to take of the meter reading

As it is correct to take of the meter reading

Water counters put in the majority of apartments today – they allow to trace the mass of the water passing through your pipes and also to save means on payment of hot and cold water supply. Also the water counter allows timely leak of water – if there is leakage, you will notice that shooters of sensors or red triangles do not rotate. In this article we will tell you as it is correct to remove indicators from the counter competently to monitor expenditure of water in your apartment.


1. Counters are subdivided into two views – with the drum digital sensor and with the normal dial. It is very simple to remove counter indicators with the drum sensor – rewrite digits of drums from long cut every month and compare new numbers to previous to trace water flow in every month.

2. Subtract previous from new number and receive the necessary result – amount of water spent for the reporting period.

3. On the analog sensor there are several dials. Watch big arrow which gives the tenth shares of cubic meter (100 liters are equal to one tenth).

4. On the small dial there is counting of cubic meters (1000 liters). Other dials display dozens, thousands and tens of thousands of cubic meters of water. Consider those numbers through which there passes the arrow in the necessary direction from 0 to 9 and count total number of the liters of water spent in your house.

5. To trace leakage in the pipeline, twirl all cranes and check whether water in the bathroom and toilet flows. After that look at counters. All indicators have to stand still – if some of indicators move, it means that in some place water proceeds.

6. Your task is to find and liquidate leakage in pipes that these leakages did not increase quantity of money which you pay for water supply.

7. Transfer the received indications to subscription service for recalculation of data in the corresponding sum of payment for hot and cold water supply in the regular way, or online.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team