As it is correct to tear off stepsons at pepper

As it is correct to tear off stepsons at pepper

Removal of stepsons at pepper - the procedure requiring special attention. Thanks to it it is possible to increase considerably productivity of culture, to accelerate the term of maturing of vegetables, to prevent some diseases.

It is required to you

  • - scissors.


1. It is possible to delete stepsons only about enough strong plants from 25-30 centimeters high. To pasynkovaniye, during the active growth of saplings and the beginning of blossoming, it is necessary to remove the first flowers on the main escape. After this procedure, pepper will begin to gather green material, to increase escapes.

2. Later approximately days 10-14 after the procedure it is possible to start directly pasynkovaniye. For this purpose it is necessary to examine plants and to find at them on the main stalk branching on 2-3-4 stalks. And so - all branches and leaves that are above this branching, cannot be touched as this part of plant and will be responsible further for abundance of vegetables.

3. Nevertheless stepsons (branches) and leaves that are below this branching, it is necessary to remove. Only it is impossible to tear off/cut off them all at the same time. The fact is that pepper - culture quite susceptible to damages, at the wrong approach to pasynkovaniye of plant can die. In one day it is better not to delete more than 2-3 branches and leaves, it is possible to carry out the procedure everyone couple of days until the stalk to branching becomes bare.

4. It is impossible to tear off stepsons exactly at all under the main stalk as after their removal there is probability that open part will decay (and it, as we know, affects culture not in the best way). At pasynkovaniye it is desirable to leave ""penechka"" from the deleted small stalks 1-3 cm long, it is the ideal option excluding damages of the main stalk.

5. As for time of day of removal of stepsons, it is the best of all to carry out the procedure in the morning in warm and dry weather. The fact is that for day of wound of plant manage to dry up a little at the expense of what the risk of their rotting decreases.

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