As it is correct to use foundation

As it is correct to use foundation

can level complexion, hide small shortcomings of skin and make it well-groomed. Good means lays down thin layer, is not hammered into folds and without problems the whole day keeps. That the face covered with tone looked faultlessly, learn to apply cream correctly.

It is required to you

  • - foundation;
  • - the moisturizing cream;
  • - base under make-up;
  • - proofreader;
  • - sponges and brushes;
  • - powder.


  1. Choose foundation depending on type and condition of skin. For fat the matting means is required, dry cream with humidifier is necessary, and sensitive only hypoallergenic cosmetics will approach. If your skin needs only alignment of tone and giving of well-groomed look, choose means with easy covering. The problem face with enlarged pores and traces from eels needs more dense cream.
  2. To find ideal shade of tone means, test cream in shop. Apply several options on the lower part of the person. If cream looks grayish, it too light for you. The yellow shade gives excessively dark means. The correct tone has to merge kind of with skin. Whenever possible estimate the chosen cream both at artificial, and at natural lighting.
  3. Before drawing means well moisturize the skin. Apply on it gel or emulsion and let's humidifier be absorbed. If skin has uneven relief or dim color, it is possible to use base under make-up with silicones. It will give to the face smoothness, and tone means will lay down more exactly and will not fail during time.
  4. Impose cream finger-tips, brush or sponge. The most uneconomical option - drawing by sponge or sponge. However such way creates effect of ideally smooth face. Drive in cream with the dry or humidified sponge, special attention paying areas about nostrils, to nasolabial folds and zone around eyes.
  5. If you prefer to apply foundation with brush, use artificial pile accessory - it does not absorb cream, accurately distributing it on skin. After putting cream of brush and sponge it is necessary to wash up and dry well.
  6. Do not try to cover with cream each heat-spot. If on skin there are expressed shortcomings, disguise them the dense proofreader. You put him pointwise, over foundation. Carefully pound the proofreader's borders that the face did not look spotty.
  7. Friable translucent powder will help to give final luster to skin. Take her on fluffy brush and brush away the person. Do not impose too much powder - skin has to keep natural shine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team