As it is correct to use the iron

As it is correct to use the iron

The correct use of the iron is guarantee of safety not only your things, but also apartments. The iron is not just the device which is driven on fabric to and fro. In stroking there are subtleties too.

Trace that mains voltage approached technical characteristics of your iron.

It is the best of all to iron things on the special board or just plain and firm surface covered with the strong fabric resistant to high temperatures.

The surface of your device has to be clean. In pollution case use soda. Do not iron dirty linen, otherwise spots can eat under high temperature even stronger. Better once again to wash off thing. Things a little underdried after washing are the easiest smoothed. Otherwise, use spray. Iron clothes lengthways, so it will better keep the form. While you display things on board, put the iron aside. It has to stand vertically, without leaning hot surface against anything. Do not leave even just switched-off iron on things, you can burn on them hole. It is important to observe correctly the stroking mode for different types of material. So, for example, silk is ironed by the warmish iron, at the same time fabric has to remain a little damp. When ironing cotton and linen expose maximum temperature on the device. Wool should be ironed through damp fabric of type of gauze. The velvet and velor iron on weight almost cooled down iron at all. It is better not to iron at all pasted prints and lace. And for volume drawings on fabric it is better to lower temperature of the iron. Do not forget to switch off the iron upon termination of stroking. It is possible to remove it on the place (we will tell, in cabinet) only when it has completely cooled down.

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