As it is correct to wash clothes and clothes

As it is correct to wash clothes and clothes

It would seem, nothing difficult or unclear in such simple process as washing of clothes, can be. And at the same time many people admit that they are not able to erase correctly — therefore from time to time they should face various household troubles: incorrectly washed clothes wear out and torn ahead of time, fade, become colourless, stretch and deformed, losing the original form. Therefore it is always necessary to pay attention to some nuances of such usual and daily occupation as washing.

First, it is always necessary to sort linen before washing. Color clothes need to be washed in water which temperature is from 30 to 50 degrees, and white — in hot water which temperature (depending on type of fabric) can reach 90 degrees. Today there is mass of the laundry detergents intended for washing of color linen, it is possible to add stain remover for color linen (if things are strongly polluted or on them there are hardly removed spots) to it.

White linen is also often separated into two categories — monophonic white linen (it can be erased the special bleaching types of powders) and linen striped, with ornament, etc. (it is better to wash such clothes the powder intended for washing of color linen). It is better to wash synthetic things and clothes from woolen fabrics not powder, but special liquid. If you have to wash things of deep black color, it is possible to buy special solution for washing of black fabric (then on black background not palatable whitish stains from laundry detergent will not appear).

Secondly, it is correct to wash clothes — it means to wash it, previously having turned each thing inside out. Men's shirts do not erase at too high (higher than 60 C) to temperature as the collar can be deformed. Do not wash the things intended only for hand wash in the washing machine — it you significantly reduce the term of their operation. As a last resort it is possible to use function of the mode of delicate washing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team