As it is correct to water garlic

As it is correct to water garlic

Garlic treats the plants very badly reacting to moisture surplus in the soil therefore its cultivation depends also on the correct watering. Having chosen the correct technology of watering, some gardeners increase garlic harvest by 40-50%.

General recommendations

Garlic ceases to be watered approximately a month before excavation, and usually he begins to be brought together on July 12-17 when leaves turn yellow - it is sign of maturing. To define plant maturity, some gardeners recommend to leave on plant 1-2 flower arrows. As soon as the peduncle on them bursts, has come it is time to dig out garlic. It is necessary to notice that if then to leave peduncles on ripening, from the largest bulbochek it is possible to receive fine planting stock.

After watering it is necessary to examine bed. If on it the become bare bulbs are visible, it is important to close at once them the earth. It is also necessary to watch garlic after heavy rains. If the bed, despite regular watering, looks dried up, the earth around plants should be loosened accurately - this way through top soil air will be able to act.

Usually garlic is watered with overhead irrigation method, using on one square meter 15 liters of water when watering times a week.

Garlic needs watering, as a rule, within May, June and the beginning of July. In 18-20 days prior to harvesting stop watering garlic. It is necessary to normalize watering from air temperature, for example, during moderate weather when not really hot and it is moderately rainy, 10-12 liters of water are spent for 1 square meter. Between waterings there has to be 8-10-day break.

For watering the experts and experienced gardeners recommend to use the water which has stood for some time in the sun.

If there is hot summer, then at the same volume of water the period between waterings is reduced to 5-6 days. At the remaining rainy weather winter garlic does not need watering.

Watering combination to fertilizing

Experts recommend to combine watering of garlic with fertilizing. For example, when plants already have about 3-4 leaves, it is possible to part in 10 liters of water tablespoon of urea or as much the ready liquid Agricola Vegeta fertilizer. Garlic needs to be watered with this solution from watering can, overhead irrigation method. At the same time, as a rule, 2-3 liters of solution are spent for each square meter. 2-3 weeks later the nitrophoska can feed up plants solution or nitroammofosk, having dissolved 2 tablespoons of fertilizer in 10 liters of water. Good results are also yielded by use of the ready liquid Effekton fertilizer. For this purpose 2 tablespoons need to be parted in 10 liters of water. Above-mentioned fertilizing almost equally is spent - 1 square meter requires 3-4 liters of mix. Final fertilizing is carried out to the period of forming of bulb, its time is individual and depends on weather conditions of any given area. For watering it is necessary to dissolve 2 tablespoons of the crushed superphosphate in 10 liters of water. Mix in calculation of 4-5 liters is spent for 1 square meter of bed.

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