As it is correct to water pepper

As it is correct to water pepper

Watering of garden cultures directly influences receiving harvest. Pepper – not exception of this rule. To water pepper correctly, it is worth studying features of care for plant attentively.

It is possible to provide to pepper good development if in advance to attend to obtaining the necessary information. When landing, blossoming, during other periods of growth vegetable cultures need different leaving.

Watering of pepper when landing

The sequence of actions during landing time of saplings in soil is as follows:

  • In the earth to dig out pole, on bottom to put fertilizer.
  • To plant sapling, to cover hole with earth, but not up to the end – to leave to the brim about a quarter.
  • To strew from above with fertilizer.
  • The earth at stalk is abundant to be spilled water.
  • To fill up the remained space in hole with soil.

Repeated watering is not required to plant. Next time can be watered it day later or two if there is no heat. Sprout is watered a little more often than after it becomes stronger and begins to blossom.

How to water pepper during blossoming 

To carry out waterings of pepper after on them flowers appear, it is necessary to spend approximately each two or three days. On square meter of the soil the ten-liter bucket has to leave – so plants at their normal disembarkation receive enough moisture.

Water has to be warm – cold can slow down maturing of fruits. To define whether the chosen temperature is suitable for successful development of plants, it is worth estimating their condition. With the slowed-down growth of flowers and also in cases when their bigger quantity falls down, having hardly managed to be tied, water for watering should be prepared more warmly.

How to water pepper after emergence of fruits

When pepper begin to be poured, reduce amount of water for watering. Will enough carry out irrigation twice a week. For receiving fruits with sweet taste it is necessary to use water with temperature of +22 … +24. Pepper will be with a taste of bitterness if to water cold.

Watering from watering can, it is necessary to direct stream from it closer to the plant basis. So it will be possible to keep ovaries which can be brought down by water.

Why you should not water in large quantities

Watering of pepper should not be too abundant. Problems with development of plants among which such can begin:

  • Subsidence of peduncles. If amount of liquid excessive, stalks are not able to hold ovaries.
  • Because of violation of power supply in plant the rotting of roots can begin.

Pepper is not whimsical plant, but requires the correct care. Regular fertilizing and the correct irrigations will help to achieve good harvest. If to note deterioration in condition of plants in time and to change the watering mode, it is possible to save future fruits.

Planning procedures of care for plant, it is necessary to consider climatic features of the region. Paying to plants due attention, it is possible to receive good harvest of tasty pepper.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team