As it is economic and beautiful to place beds in kitchen garden

As it is economic and beautiful to place beds in kitchen garden

To receive big and qualitative crops on your kitchen garden, to look after important not carefully landings, but also it is correct to place cultures as much as possible to use the area and solar energy.

Plants from the moment of emergence of shoots and before maturing occupy the different number of the area, and your task is to organize landings on beds so that the soil under them was not empty. However it is impossible and to thicken excessively them, otherwise plants each other will shade and it is bad grow. For the best use of daylight hours it is recommended to break beds, orienting them in the direction from the North to the South. The most effectively vegetable plants use afternoon light therefore it is necessary to watch that they have not appeared in shadow at this time.

More densely or less often

The difficulty of placement of plants is that shoots, for example, occupy scanty part of that space which is required to adult plant subsequently. At thickened crops of seeds the shoots will occupy more than the spaces, but even long before approach of maturing of harvest to plants will be too close. If to do rare crops, in the first half of the vegetative period of plant will not be able to catch and use residual quantity of solar energy. Therefore most often vegetable growers have landings more densely, and then gradually razrezhivat them.

At slightly thickened landing of bed will have nice view at the very beginning of the vegetative period of the majority of plants. Gradual thinning will allow not only to use young copies in food earlier, but also to keep beautiful view of kitchen garden, without allowing it to turn into impassable thickets. In cases when maturing occurs after the final growth of culture as at cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, they are put on necessary distance at once, and quickly ripening cultures have between them: salads, greens, garden radish. At such way early vegetables are usually picked long before the main plant occupies the area necessary for it.

In chessboard order

Each bed in kitchen garden – it is normal 2 rows of the vegetables located or flat lines, or – in chessboard order. Many vegetable growers prefer "chess" as in such arrangement the huge reserve of efficiency is hidden. Experience shows that extreme plants develop better than those that are in the middle. And all because they receive much more light, air and the area for growth. At "chess" landing – all plants turn out extreme. If bed to make narrow, 60-80 cm, and to leave row-spacing wide, then the productivity of bed increases repeatedly because all plants will receive both light, and scope. Malenkaya Square of well fertilized bed gives harvest more, than the extensive area of the poor soil. Besides, narrow beds it is much more convenient, and working at them, it is possible to derive pleasure from the process of care for plants.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team