As it is necessary to apply blush

As it is necessary to apply blush

is used on closing stage of putting decorative cosmetics to emphasize natural beauty of the person, to give it healthy and fresh look and to strengthen skin shine.


  1. Define what type your person treats. Conditionally all forms are divided into circle (the extended oval), square (rectangle), triangle and rhombus. Depending on what look your person treats, it is necessary to emphasize advantages by means of decorative cosmetics and to hide shortcomings. It is necessary to remember that to cut off corners better not by means of blush, and bronzator and tone means of more dark, than natural color of the person, shades.
  2. Analyze what tsvetotip you treat, it will help you when choosing shade of blush. So, the women having autumn skin have to use pink means with care, and it is better for winter beauties to exclude golden and peach blush that the person did not seem earthy from make-up bag.
  3. Use wide brush for drawing, you can choose that that it is executed from natural hair, but many producers offer very worthy copies made of synthetic fiber. The main thing that the hair was not fragile, differently you will spend a lot of time for elimination of the fallen-down tips.
  4. Apply small amount of blush on brush. Regardless of whether you use the dry means made in balls in the form of friable powder or soft cream, try that it has covered only brush hair tips.
  5. Stir up brush to remove surplus of blush.
  6. Smile in front of the mirror broadly. Define where on your cheeks there are most acting points. Relax the person.
  7. Allocate with blush these areas. Make the quiet smearing movements in the direction from nose to temples. Try not to do flush too aggressive, it has to emphasize your natural beauty, but not change shape of face. Remember that times of the singer Sandra with the dispersing cheekbones have already passed. Shade blush.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team