As it is necessary to grow up potatoes

As it is necessary to grow up potatoes

Potatoes, in principle, unpretentious plant, but at the wrong leaving harvest turn out small. To grow up large root crops, it is necessary in time not only to plant plant, but also to fertilize and also to weed.


1. A month before landing get seed potatoes from cellar. If you did not plant this vegetable earlier, buy seeds in specialized shop or just in the market. In 2-4 weeks the root crops will get warm and will sprout that will positively affect speed of shoots, and respectively - and productivity.

2. Dig up kitchen garden manually or by means of the tractor. Let's the earth stand a little that part of weeds has died. If there is too much grass, previously uproot it.

3. Plant potatoes at the end of May or at the beginning of June ranks, the distance between holes has to be about 40 cm, and their depth of 10-15 cm. Hole do by means of spade. If the soil infertile, then before covering seeds with earth, add on teaspoon of the Bulb fertilizer. Do not worry, it not toxically also does not "burn" escapes.

4. Expect shoots in 1-2 weeks, in certain cases a bit later, especially if on the street there is not absolutely warm weather. If the earth too dry, and you have opportunity to water it, - surely make it, then shoots will appear quicker.

5. As soon as potatoes grow up, porykhlit the soil chopper. It will help to remove weeds and also to improve growth of plants. When the tops of vegetable becomes about 20-30 cm high, make small small groups of the earth around each bush.

6. If in your region the invasion of Colorado beetle is observed, then process bushes complex means from wreckers. It is on sale in ampoules or in the form of powder in gardening shops. Irrigate potatoes from special spray. Specify exact method of application of any given medicine in the instruction.

7. At the end of August or at the beginning of September start harvesting. Dig out potatoes, dry and put on storage in cellar. Usually root crops not bad remain till spring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team